How to Choose the Best Charter Bus for Your Trip

Charter vs. carpool

There are a lot of charter bus providers out there to choose from, and making the right choice can have a major effect on the safety and comfort of your group’s trip. Consider these factors to choose the best bus for your needs:

Safety: The Better Business Bureau records complaints on charter bus companies, so you can check with them for any red flags. You can also go to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to look up the company by their name or DOT number. Reputable companies will give you this information when you ask. You can use the website go gather insurance and safety information as well as reported accidents and service reports.

Interstate vs. Intrastate: There are two major types of bus companies: An interstate bus charter company will have the insurance requirements to travel across state lines, but an intrastate charter bus company will not. Intrastate companies are often less regulated and less insured so it’s often better to go with an interstate company.

Equipment: Check out the coach buses themselves. Many websites will have photos if you can’t see them in person. Make sure the buses are in good condition and check details like the tire treads and windshields. Age isn’t necessarily a factor as much as good repair is. Some buses come equipped with amenities like wi-fi, outlets and video players, so consider what features you’d like as well.

Driver: Ask the charter bus company if they can put you with a driver that suits your group, whether that’s a bunch of elementary age kids or a sports team. A good driver can make or break your trip. You want to make sure you’re getting the best.

Price: It’s important to get a good price, but keep in mind the cost is usually divided among lots of people, making price differences that seem large pretty minimal. While it’s important to consider price, it’s more important to choose a charter bus service that best suits the needs of your group. Going right to the source can help as well, since many online results will give you bus brokers that serve as middleman and hike prices up.

As long as you keep these in mind, it should be easy to find a great charter bus for your trip!

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