How to Get Your Power Tools Repaired

Power tools are a big investment. Good ones can cost a lot of money and stocking up on them can put a dent in your wallet. This is why you probably won’t be too quick to replace yours when something goes wrong. Instead you will probably want to look into power tool repair services that will most likely cost you less and allow you to keep the tools you know and love. However, if you’ve never had to your tools repaired before, you might be unsure where to start. Below are some steps you can take to get the fixed up and working in no time.

Check for a Warranty

The first thing you want to do is find out if you have a warranty on your tools. Machine shop services will cost you, so if you’re able to have the product fixed for free then you definitely should. You should have received warranty information when you purchased the tool, but if you’re unsure you can reach out to the manufacturer for assistance. If you do have one, all you will have to do is send it in and have their team fix the issue and send it back.

Find a Repair Shop

If you don’t have a warranty, then you will need the help of a machine shop. There is likely to be multiple in your area and you can find them by looking them up online. This is also a good way to read reviews from past customers and see what kind of reputation the business has. You want your tools to go to a company that will handle them with care and fix them right. If you take them somewhere that’s not trustworthy just to save a little money you could end up being in need of more repairs sooner than you would have liked.

Take In Your Power Tool

Once you’ve decided on a shop, the only thing left to do is drop off your tool. Power tool repair services can vary in how long they take, depending on how busy the shop is and what the problem with your tool is. They might be able to fix it the same day, or it might be a few days while they wait for a part to come in. At this point the only thing to do is drop off your tool and wait.

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