How To Have The Safest Possible RV Trip

Hydraulic trailer brakes

According to recent estimate, there are 30 million RV enthusiasts across the country — and that includes RV renters. What is it about RVs that has captured the hearts of so many Americans? Well, depending on who you ask, the reasons range from practical to imaginative. Some people just love the road trip traditionalism of hitching an RV to their car and driving from place to place. Others find RVs to be exceedingly practical, and in many ways they are. You’re essentially pulling your lodging behind you wherever you go. This is especially beneficial to those going camping, who don’t quite want to stick to old-fashioned tents. Of course, there are plenty of other benefits to using an RV. One of the things that people like about them is their variety, which is greater than many “RV novices” would figure. Some RVs are purely basic living quarters. Others come with kitchen and dining areas, as well as RV Generators which add to their overall value in a big way. You can take a look at wine coolers to fit in your RV. You can also choose an RV that already have integrated wine coolers. Perhaps the thing people love most about RVs is the fact that most, if not all of them come with bathrooms. This certainly comes in handy on camping trips or long road trips. If you choose to store your RV with Jimmys RV, then you’ll find yourself satisfied with their excellent solutions. Overall, there are two different main types of RVs: motorized RVs and towable RVs. When it comes to towable RVs, there are many benefits. However, you also need to take into account certain safety measures that are always important to remember. Make sure your motorhome is in tip top condition before you start your journey. When it needs an rv windshield replacement, bring it to the local auto or RV service center. When using a trailer, especially when you have electric trailer brakes to worry about, make sure that they are well maintained. Let’s look into how you can keep your RV journey as safe as possible.

Electric Trailer Brakes: Keeping Them Under Control

When it comes to electric trailer brakes, it’s extremely important to be as safe as possible. This involves using electric trailer brake controllers. If electric trailer brakes are not properly controlled, the trailer can do any number of dangerous things — it can spin out of control, crash into the vehicle that’s towing it, and cause any number of accidents. If you have the controllers that you need, you must next ensure that they are properly connected to the feed This can be easier said than done, it’s true. The trailer feed is usually blue. This wire connects the controller to the six or seven way trailer connector at the back of the towing vehicle. If everything is not properly connected, the controllers will be completely ineffective. When it comes to trailers with surge brakes, two-point systems can be used.

Weight Distribution: When To Apply New Systems

Weight distribution is a concern for anyone towing an RV. It’s all too easy to tow too much weight, and this can send a vehicle flying out of control. Most experts recommend applying new weight distribution systems should be applied should the RV weigh more than 50% of the towing vehicle’s weight. When it comes to weight distribution systems, there are two different types to take into account. The two weight ratings are gross trailer weight and tongue weight. Of course, weight distribution is not the only thing to take into account. Certainly, sway control and brake drum surfaces should also be looked into. In case your RV breaks down, you may have to call a vehicle towing company for assistance.

Sway Control And Brake Drum Surfaces: Keeping Trailers Steady

Many people don’t take into consideration the importance of sway control. Sway control keeps your trailer lined up with the towing vehicle — this not only keeps you safer, but everyone on the road safe as well. In terms of sway control, there are two basic types of devices to choose from. One reduces sway as it happens, while the other prevents sway before it happens. Certainly, you should be careful when choosing which one is best for your circumstances. Of course, the brake drum surface is also very important. It should be inspected for excessive wear and heavy scoring. Should the wear marks be worn more than .020 inches or if the drum has worn out of a round by more than .015 inches, then the drum surface should be turned.

Remember, you shouldn’t just be concerned about your own safety, but the safety of everyone on the road with you.

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