How to Use Equipment Trailers

When you have a job to get done, equipment trailers can get it done for you.

An equipment trailer is a long, flatbed trailer with a wide, wooden deck that can help you move equipment around. Equipment trailers are very common in construction jobs where you have to be rolling earth movers and other large tools in and out on a regular basis. So if you’re looking for trailers, then you may head to legit suppliers like Balance Trailers.

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The flat bed generally comes with two fenders over its four wheels.

Equipment trailers are up to 108 inches across with 84 inches of usable room between the fenders. This can be expanded to the whole width of the trailer by the addition of drive-over fenders, which allow driving over the fender without crushing or damaging it or the wheels underneath. The drive-over fender is a popular option.

Equipment trailers usually have a gate to allow vehicles to drive on and off and equipment to be rolled on and off. The most common trailer gate is the heavy-duty gate, a corrugated metal ramp that folds up and acts as a tailgate while the trailer is moving. The other is the maximum ramp, a solid metal ramp that folds into a block at the tail end of the trailer.


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