I’m Thinking Of Buying A Motorcycle Where Do I Start Looking?

The type of vehicle you own says a lot about who you are.

Think about the last time you saw someone walking a dog or visited an acquaintance’s home for the first time. What did you learn about their unique tastes and interests? When it comes to cars and trucks, the United States practically equates driving with a personality test. Motorcycles, in particular, have held a long reputation as stylish, fun and classic all at once, with the Can Am Maverick dealer enjoying quite a bit of attention as of late. Should you be considering expressing yourself with a Can Am Maverick, you’ve come to the right place.

What could a motorcycle do to enhance your perosnal driving experience?

Did You Know?

Before we look into what your local Can Am Maverick dealer can do to spruce up your sense of style, let’s learn more about how motorcycle culture is doing in the United States. The image of the classic motorcycle rider is an adult in a leather jacket and studded boots, gliding down the highway in the sweltering heat of summer. Turns out this is starting to change! The median age of your average motorcycle owner is 47, with many owners having been into the sub-culture for decades.

Motorcycles Are Popular

When in doubt? Just look at what’s popular. Back in 2016 Honda sold a staggering 17 million motorcycles worldwide, with over 300,000 located in the United States alone. Consumers in the country also purchase an average of 500,000 motorcycles every year. Some of the most popular classic motorcycles include the Harley Davidson Street Bobs and the Yamaha, though which one will suit you best depends significantly on your budget, personal style and lifestyle. If  you are looking for a Harley make sure you check for a harley davidson motorcycle for sale site. What else can you enjoy when you invest in a motorcycle?

Save Money On Fuel

A common point of contention for many drivers today is being able to save on fuel. If you’re one of them, a motorcycle might be a way to kill two birds with one stone. Motorbike drivers are able to save on quite a bit of fuel compared to your average single-passenger vehicle, as much as 10,000 miles every single year, and you can look good while doing it. While you will need to invest in a proper helmet and perhaps a pair of riding gloves, these are a small price to pay for an enjoyable ride every single time you step behind the wheel!

Enjoy A Thriving Sub-Culture

For some driving isn’t just a means of getting from one place to another. It’s a lifestyle. When you invest in a Can Am Maverick dealer you open up the doors to a thriving sub-culture that has its roots in American history. Recent data has found over 15% of all motorcycle owners in the country are women, up from 5% back in 1990 and with a population that only gets larger by the day. Biker culture can help you make new friends, learn about different motorcycle models and even get more exercise.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle

You know that a motorcycle can save you on fuel. You’re learning more about the unique sub-culture motorcycle owners enjoy and how it’s facing some fun and dynamic changes. Where do you stand with getting a Can Am Spyder dealer mount? The Can Am Spyder is a three-wheeled motorcycle that’s starting to rise in popularity, with a single rear drive wheel and two wheels in the front for steering. Back in 2017 a study found the number of people who live in a household with at least one ATV exceeded 10 million. When choosing the correct motorcycle for your needs make sure you pick a Pay Per Mile Motorcycle Insurance Policy for coverage.

The type of vehicle you own says a lot about you. Whether it’s visiting a Sea-Doo dealer for all your beach excursions or a Can Am Maverick dealer for your new favorite, being true to yourself really does pay off!

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