Is a Lift Kit Actually Worth It?

If you’ve ever driven a truck that is perched very high above the ground, you’re familiar with the sense of supreme power that comes from looking down at the moving traffic. By inserting a high-grade nylon spacer between the body and the frame, body lift kits raise your vehicle or SUV two to three inches higher. Trucks can be lifted as high as their owners permit with the help of suspension raise kits.

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But what drawbacks come with installing a raise kit? Do the kits alter the car? Let’s discuss the benefits and drawbacks of raising your SUV or vehicle.

Lift kits are specifically designed to not alter the way your truck rides. The majority of raise kits are affordable, and they are more cost-effective than suspension lifts. New shocks are not necessary for lift kits because the shocks are not touched during the lift. Lift kits will increase tire clearance while maintaining the factory suspension geometry and alignment for drivers that enjoy going “off-road.” Suspension lift kits can be raised as high as the driver feels comfortable, but body lift kits can only be raised one to three inches. With this raise, the owner is able to buy larger tires if they so choose. The suspension is also more articulate thanks to this elevation.

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