Is Your RV Swaying Too Much? You Might Need To Buy A Weight Distribution System

The RV is a staple of the outdoor American lifestyle.

Millions of households today are proud owners of at least one RV, if not two, and put a lot of love and care into these vehicles. Why shouldn’t they? With an RV at your disposal the road blossoms with new potential. Your camping trips become more convenient, your fishing trips become more flexible…you can do just about anything with a little extra power on your side. Taking good care of your RV is all a matter of buying the right brakes.

Stay safe and enjoy yourself. Here’s what kind of trailer air brake controller you should be looking out for.

Before we look into the benefits of controlling trailer sway…let’s learn more about RVs and why they’re considered synonymous with the outdoor American lifestyle. A recent study confirmed more than 10% of households in the United States headed by people in the 35 to 55 age group have an RV. RVIA went even further to estimate there are over 30 million RV enthusiasts, which includes RV renters and RV owners. If it’s been a while since you’ve serviced your vehicle…you’re in luck. There’s plenty on the market ripe and ready for the taking.

The RV is a useful addition to any camping or traveling venture. The United States boasts over 15,000 public and privately owned campgrounds, with the vast majority available to RV owners. With an RV on your side you can roam the country for weeks, even months, at a time without losing your basic comforts. This freedom and flexibility comes with a cost, however. It’s up to you to make sure you’re towing the right amount of weight and not putting unnecessary stress on your brakes.

What kind of RV do you own? The two main categories on the market are motorhomes (or motorized) and towables, which require a pickup truck or van to pull. The NHTSA released a troubling report that there are nearly 50,000 accidents every year related to towing alone. When you factor in drunk driving, bad weather, and road rage…that’s more stress you don’t need on top of it all. Correcting trailer sway and buying the right trailer air brake controller is essential to keep your trips safe.

Trailer sway is a common issue that only needs a few adjustments to correct. Trailer sway devices come in two basic types — you have the ones that reduce sway once it’s started, then the ones that reduce sway entirely. Weight distribution systems are highly recommended if your trailer weight is more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight. As much as 12% to 15% of the trailer’s weight should be resting on your vehicle’s hitch. This will take practice, but sure enough, all these metrics will become second nature.

Now it’s time to buy the best trailer air brake controller. Brake controller reviews should be perused, as new models are introduced to the market on a yearly basis. Make sure you’re buying the right one for your type, as well, as an incompatible brake can even be worse than a worn-out one. Traveling safely means more than just putting on your seatbelt and changing out your oil every few thousand miles. It means more thorough check-ups on a regular basis, even when you think your RV is working just fine.

Keep your RV going strong. Double check its electronic trailer brakes this year so your next summer vacation can be the safest one yet.

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