Jeep Launches Its 4th Generation Grand Cherokee

The 2012 Grand Cherokee is indeed a force to be reckoned with. Coming out with many innovations and upgrades, it is expected to be met with enthusiasm in the market. Its 2005 to 2010 versions didn’t do very well and this 4th generation Grand Cherokee is a product of Jeep’s learning from its past experiences.

For sure every Jeep dealers particularly the Langley Jeep dealers where my friend is a loyal customer is so excited to have this 4th generation Grand Cherokee to be displayed in their showroom where it will be met with eagerness of their loyal Jeep users.  Jeep makers and Jeep dealers always keep the faith in every Jeep dealer that they produce.

There are lots of things to watch out for in this 4th generation Grand Cherokee. Be prepared to be amazed with it’s new look both in its interior and exterior design plus its high technology engine is a knock out. The 2012 Grand Cherokee is predicted seize its rightful  place next to other upmarket SUV’s like the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover.

A great news to Grand Cherokee fans and users, the 4th generation Grand Cherokee was proven to be a tough competitor of the same priced SUV’s like the Nissan Pathfinder, LR4, and the Toyota 4Runner. In some areas the Grand Cherokee is even better.

Recently, a good friend who owns a 2005 Cherokee told me that he is planning to sell it and trade it for the 2012 Cherokee as soon as it is available at Langley Jeep dealership. He says that he can’t wait to own one after learning about its new upgrades. This 4th generation Grand Cherokee indeed is a significantly better than its older versions, sophisticated in technology and style.

Chrysler-Jeep had suffered financial problems in 2009. It answered to many superiors like Daimler and Cerberus Capital Management.

FIAT helped the company get on their feet and provided the company direction. It was all that the company needed to put them back on course never losing their resilience and determination to get back on the game and regain what was lost.

The company’s asset is their strong research and development team and it benefitted a great deal from the help the Italians extended. FIAT’s aid has proved to be a cure of the illness that the company suffered for a time.

The 2012 Grand Cherokee has a slightly larger fuel tank at 990 liters compared with its earlier versions, still smaller if you compare it to the 4Runner and LR4. This is one of the features that can be highlighted by Langley Jeep and Chrysler dealers when talking with their clients.

The 2012 Grand Cherokee has a significantly stronger structure, a Rock of Gibraltar feel that can give its driver and passenger a feeling that are inside and indestructible vehicle.

Its V6 engine is fuel-efficient. Additionally, it has independent suspension with new and better suspension actions. This gives the driver of a vehicle a smoother driving experience even when driving through difficult roads and terrains.

The bar has been set with the coming of the 4th Grand Cherokee. The 2012 Grand Cherokee is the mark of distinction and will serve as the standard for all Jeep and Langley Chrysler vehicles to come.


One thought on “Jeep Launches Its 4th Generation Grand Cherokee

  1. ehhhhh i have a tj but i have to say it depends on the driver and what they are willing to do. if a jk rubicon 2 dr driver is willing to do the same shit as cherokee owners do they would probably be equal but most arent cause they spend 30,000 dollars on a nice jeep they dont want to scratch

  2. i feel the same way ..i have the 98 jeep grand cherokee limited with a v8 5.9 liter and i love it ..mine goes through deep snow as well ..i had it in deep snow so deep other 4 wheel drives was getting stuck and i kept going like the snow wasn’t there ..i love my jeep i will never get rid of it ..jeeps make vehicles that stand up to what a 4 wheel drive really is ..all i can say anybody that talks bad about a jeep never really owned one

  3. Amazing isn’t it?

    A good Jeep with tires like that can climb a hill so steep its almost impossible to climb on foot.

    The Cherokees are a fantastic vehicle. Mine with almost new tires pushed through snow so high it blocked my headlights. Good thing there was a bright moon or we would not have made it to the ski lodge. I confess the snow was powdery but it was so high it got stuck in the grille and blocked headlights repeatedly. Gotta love a Jeep like that.

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