Jeep Liberty on Hole in the Rock trail Vid #5 Chute


Jeep Liberty going on the Hole in the Rock trail.. This is the leading half of the “Chute”.. I led the group in Might 2004 with 5 other Jeep Liberty owners.. We we…
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25 Replies to “Jeep Liberty on Hole in the Rock trail Vid #5 Chute”

  1. WKHalford says:

    Okay, I didn’t think there was a trail at the Hole ‘N The Rock home. Thanks.

  2. deserthorizons says:

    Hole in the Rock home is 15 miles S. of Moab..
    The Hole in the Rock this video is about is 175 miles S.W. of Moab..
    it is 11 miles E. of Hall’s Crossing Marina on Lake Powell..

  3. WKHalford says:

    Is the Hole in the Rock trail near the Hole ‘N The Rock which is on US 191 south of Moab? The Hole ‘N The Rock I’m talking about is a tourist area where they take you on a tour of a house carved out of rock. I’ve been there.

  4. WKHalford says:

    @fathinking Don’t mean to be rude, but it’s not “cars” that go there.

    And he never said that no one else had been there. The fact that this is a named TRAIL and that he give the name of it PROVES he knows that.

    He said as far as he knows it was the first LIBERTY to drive that trail, not the first vehicle.

  5. deserthorizons says:

    Obviously you did not read the “info” on the video..
    You have to go back the way you came in.. Meaning every obstacle has to be done BOTH directions..

  6. mackiexj says:

    Down is easy, traction isn’t usually an issue because gravity is working for you. How many sweet videos do you see of people going down ledges and hill climbs. Thats a nice mirror hanger you got there, try going up la-de-da.

  7. jrnuggets says:

    great video. should be doin this trial on a dirt bike though. it only take 2 hours, not two days.

  8. Dave Smith says:

    They had fun. That’s what life is about.

  9. JSSJeepin says:

    isn’t that truth, give them the keys to a 4×4 and watch them total it trying to drive down a hill such as this one 🙂

  10. pischan says:

    that’s sick!

  11. BlackJackBootedThug says:

    Now that is funny!

  12. BlackJackBootedThug says:

    Land Rovers? Please, we like vehicles that don’t require selling the family jewels to repair (which a Rover will require).

  13. TDog4444 says:

    Check out my 4-door Wrangler Unlimited – Steel Blue Metallic video on my page!!!! 🙂

  14. rugby060606 says:

    that kinda looked easy but it probly isnt

  15. kaawk says:

    Point is to be able to get from point A to point B.  Civilized people no longer appreciate what an accomplishment this is.

  16. Adam Pals says:

    what did that accomplish?

  17. DiscoHSE says:

    i must say i do hate jeeps but that hill looked pretty steep and it got down it well

  18. utboatfanatic says:

    Been here, done this trail. You never get a real sense of how steep this slickrock stuff is until your own sphincter has gobbled up a wad of seat cushion. Nice work! Keep the 4×4 videos coming!

  19. DairyNZ says:

    Easy,,, put the 4×4 in lowest gear and stear. The rock fase where those people are standing is 65deg, that’s 45 and very easy on dry ground. You can hear them hitting the brakes, i’d have to ask why?

  20. KrazyKadavr says:

    Ok. This was to show skill. Not make dumbasses like gaijinhan69 laugh..

  21. zoejonesmydog says:

    pretty awsome

  22. suzukids says:

    what the fuck….i think i missed the funny part

  23. svedr says:

    this is no 65 degrees angle, this is 40 degrees max, and by the way, europeans would do this with a vw vanagon

  24. kevin2318 says:

    So, commercial in disguise? LAMO

  25. extremeplayer1802 says:


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