Jeep YJ Transformation


Update- sold the Jeep for 00. It was time to get rid of it, and it wasn’t ideal for commuting to and from work. Miss it. Slideshow of my 1990 Jeep Wrangler from …

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25 Replies to “Jeep YJ Transformation”

  1. Abbie Lomason says:

    How do you like your lift? I just purchased a Rough Country 4″ lift for my ’95.

  2. dirtRIDER106 says:

    I have a stock 00. But its gonne be 2″ lift with some 31 and MT classics pretty soon ;)

  3. sweety pie says:

    Got a 95 jeep yj I love it! Got some gnarly tires for it last month can’t wait to go Boonie bashing!!

  4. 09adge13 says:

    0:00 I need a sign like that

  5. Tyler alden says:

    what shackle lift did you have and how bad was it driving on the road?

  6. aman12335 says:

    I literally jus ordered my 2″ lift an am gettin 33″ m/t i like the more agresave look its a 2000 a/t trans i love it

  7. QcOncleGab says:

    im getting my Yj 95 2” body lift and 35” tires. Clutch/trasmition/tires brand new. Only for 4500$ (canadian). damn i just jeez again xD

  8. QcOncleGab says:

    i have a 95 YJ 6cylinder 4L with 2” body lift and 35” all terrains. Simply the best i think.

  9. Gabriel Walsh says:



  10. Josh T says:

    Great build man and those prices are unheard of down here in Florida! People want $3,000 for a Jeep with no engine in south Florida! I wouldn’t get a Jeep newer than a 95 personally. YJ’s are the best! I’m about to get a 91 straight 6 this weekend hopefully!

  11. Steven Stone says:

    $800 for gears? youre high for paying that much, i just did 4.56s front and rear on my xj for a little over $350. thats including the master install kit.
    as for that 2.5l “iron mike” its stong enough for rockcrawling if you also regear your transfer case with axles.

  12. saifhelmasry says:

    Did the car get any smoother after u’ve installed the 4” kit? is it still a bumpy ride like it was on stock?

  13. Hector Guardado says:

    You are maxed out right now. Do not add any more lift or increase your tire diameter with that engine. And don’t waster your money trying to add power to that engine to get bigger tires, it’s not going to work. Recommend losing the 3″ body lift for 3-4″ suspension. I put 35s and 5″ lift on the same jeep, had to spend another $800 on 4.88 gears just to reach 60 mph.

  14. johnwarren35 says:

    change the gears and go as big as ya want

  15. tommysixgunner says:

    I think you have to re gear the axles you couuld put 44’s on it if it is geared right

  16. isaac Dominguez says:

    33s on a 3 in lift is about the biggest u can go and its a jeep bro they arent race cars i got a 90 4 cylinder and it takes a lil while for it to get up to speed on freeway but offroad it handles like a charm 😀

  17. MegaSmitty69 says:

    That was truly beautiful. . . enjoyed every second.

  18. durrster1128 says:

    My buddy had 7 inches of lift and 37s with his 95 4 banger automatic struggles. but both his and mine (92 straight 6 5 speed on 35s soon to be 37s on 7 inches) are full suspension lift no body lift. if its a daily driver id say keep it 3 with 33s plus the ax5 trans will eventually break ( id get rid of the body lift and go suspension though. if its not a daily but you wanna keep it legal well that a whole different ball game there

  19. Dennis Congo says:

    the bigger tires and lift you put on it the slower its gunna go is usually how that works especially with the 4 banger but guess you could go as big as you wanted

  20. The95WranglerYJ says:

    Question… Okay so i have a 95Wrangler YJ 4Cylinder and it has a 3” body lift, and 33” all terrains… How much bigger (Tire wise and lift wise) can i go.. And also how fast can it go.. Cause at the moment its pretty slow going

  21. mr2010cm says:

    can someone help me find a jeep for a good price??

  22. Dennis Congo says:

    yea man it was a win win $ and still get to driver her haha… thanks for watching dude!

  23. 09adge13 says:

    nice jeep at least you sold it to a family member so if you stop by your uncles house you can just ask him hey can i take the ole jeep for a spin?

  24. Dennis Congo says:

    Didn’t say it was unreliable, driving to and from work and school with 34″ tires just wasn’t ideal. If I had the money I would have kept the jeep and bought a little commuter beater car. Thanks for watching.

  25. Dachevymane says:

    Hey why was it not reliable to go to work and back???? I have a 94 wrangler and it gets me to work and back with rain snow or sun shine all week and it’s great on gas.

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