Learn to Estimate Your Collision Damage Before Visiting Car Collision Shops

Before a vehicle ever makes it to car collision shops the estimate takes place. A successful collision center knows that what happens before the work begins is just as important as doing high-quality work. You may also need to determine if you can use your auto insurance coverage to pay for the repair and restoration costs.

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In today’s market it is essential that several different aspects of the repair estimates are considered. There are parts that have a “no repair” warning that need to be replaced instead, and other factors such as how your automobile insurance will help you that should be considered in crafting an estimate. It is a different time today when it comes to estimates compared to twenty years ago. Getting the estimate right and as close to accurate as possible is critical.

This video points out some of the mistakes that are made in estimating damage and costs. Following the tips in this video can save time, money, and increase client satisfaction. Accurate estimates require plenty of thought, some research, and finally the time to complete the estimate the right way.

Watch this video to learn the tips and tricks that you can apply to get an accurate estimate every time where you do not short-change yourself or overcharge the client.


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