Leave the Driving to the Pros and Charter a Bus for Group Tourism Adventures

Why charter a bus

It is possible to travel almost anywhere in America on a bus, and more tourists are citing the ease of bus travel when deciding to charter a bus as a tour group. Bus travel is growing more rapidly than any other form of transportation in America and is also posting impressive, “eco-friendly” statistics.

Coach buses get more mileage out of their fuel than airlines, individual vehicles, and trains combined, and more local bus services are switching to “smart cars” that run on electricity and can be plugged in at local bus depots.

Charter bus lines also have a lower carbon footprint than other forms of transport: their carbon emissions are three times lower than a train’s, and six times lower than local buses that have not yet converted to electric models.

Seniors and students make up about half of all bus charter trips in America, citing comfort on board a bus. For college students traveling home to visit family on university breaks, the opportunity to travel comfortably on a bus and the ability to use wifi on a bus is appealing.

Motor coaches have reclining seats and passengers are able to sleep while the bus is in motion. Regular stops for food and to take on new passengers give passengers the chance to stretch their legs and to refuel on long trips.

Every fall, “leaf peeper” tourists get together and sign for a bus charter so that they can be driven at a relaxed pace through beautiful autumnal landscapes. Often, groups of college students will contract with a chartered bus service to attend fun activities like comic book conventions and sports events in other states.

A bus charter is really a gift that tour groups give to themselves. Ease and comfort of travel, along with eco-friendly benefits and easy access to exciting destinations are making bus travel the way to see America for thousands of tourists every year.

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