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Lock out services

Alicia searched her pockets, combed her purse, and retraced her steps. When all of her searching was fruitless, the reality that she had lost her keys began to set in. She had just become, once again, one of over 10% of drivers who find themselves standing next to their vehicle with no way to get in. As awful as this feeling was, it wasn’t Alicia’s first time in this situation. She was notorious for losing things, closely identifying with 1/3 of people who spend at least 15 minutes a day searching for paperwork, cell phones, or as in this case, keys. This time, however, was different. Alicia had always relied on calling her parents to bring up a spare set of keys, sort of like she had her own personal lock out services, but her mother and father had left the day before for a two week long cruise. There would be no family lock out services today.
As Alicia pondered what to do, she recalled seeing a billboard during her drive for professional lockout services. The car lockout services company specialized in helping you if you lost your car keys. This local locksmith helped some of the over 4 million Americans each year who lock themselves out of their cars. Alicia quickly searched for lock out services on her phone, found the number of Gippsland locksmiths, and dialed as quickly as she could. She was so relieved so hear a friendly voice answer, that she just blurted out “Help! I lost my keys!” The woman asked Alicia a few questions like where she was right now, if she had an idea of where the lost key was, and if she had ever used an auto locksmith before. Alicia explained that even though she was chronically losing things, she had never used lock out services before and was a little nervous. The woman calmed her fears and assured Alicia someone would be on their way quickly.

Just a short time later, the lock out services truck, just like the ones from a transponder key programming service, pulled up like a knight in shining armor. The employee explained he had been in the lock out services industry for many years, and he would quickly get Alicia’s car unlocked. He also explained a bit about what the lock out services would entail and her options depending on whether or not the keys were located inside of the vehicle. After quick inspection of the car, he also subtly pointed out that the reason Alicia couldn’t find her car keys in her bag was because they were still in the ignition. Alicia couldn’t help but to smile because of how ridiculous the situation was. After completing the lock out services and opening Alicia’s car, the employee suggested that Alicia should probably consider getting some extra copies of her car keys made. Until then, the professional lock out services company would always be there to help.

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