Many Different Lubricants Needed Across Different Industries and Products

No matter the use, there are a number of lubricants that are effective for a number of industries and fields, several from the Chevron brand. Lubricants are used for production, construction, research, maintenance, and service. Different types of lubricants work for metal, plastic, rubber, and other materials.

Automotive and Aviation Lubricants

Chevron brand and others make a number of different lubricants for several different engines. Most commonly, we deal worldwide with automotive engines including cars, tractors, and many more. Another large engine service includes airplanes and helicopters that are built, serviced, and maintained for a number of different industries. Various lubricants are used when the engines are initially built, when oil is changed, when parts need to be replaced or serviced, or when another maintenance is required.

Construction Lubrications

Similar to automotive and aviation needs, the lubricants that work for the construction industry can work for the engines working inside different machines, working in different tools, and much more. Some of these lubricants include cutting tool wax, corrosion preventatives, and metalworking and cutting fluids. Much of these can work to help with the efficiency of the tools, along with the power and life-expectancy of all construction tools as well.

Industrial Lubricants

Industrial production is another field where much can be gained from quality lubricants. With those of the Chevron brand, there is much to be seen for production in warehouses, as well as those for the development of industrial supplies. Industrial supplies also develop lubricants of all sorts, so there is a continual process of positive production to both keep those systems working and generating the quality lubricants that keep all our workforce in practice.

Lubricants for Metal Work and Metal Forming

No matter the work of metal, whether it is being processed or it is being formed into different products, there is a need for lubricants to service the process. No matter the process, metalworking fluids are necessary along with the potential for heavy duty lubricants and others that will handle the additional heat and stress that exists during the work of metals together.

Additional Lubricants

There are so many more lubricants processed and distributed for other fields, some of which include the following:

  • Synthetic lubricants
  • Transportation lubricants
  • Wax lubricants
  • Synthetic grease
  • Synthetic oils

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