Mistakes to Avoid When Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot stripping seems pretty easy to most beginners, especially after watching a couple of DIY videos on YouTube. But a lot goes wrong for beginners who don’t master the craft before embarking on the project.
According to a white line markings contractor, if you want your parking lot striping project to be an epic success, you need to accurately calibrate the machine and choose the proper spray nozzle and paint. You also need to ensure that the paint has the correct viscosity and pay attention to your gait and walking speed as you spray the pavement.

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Once the paint is down, it could cost you hours of valuable time and energy trying to scrape the paint off in case of any mistake. Some of the most common mistakes include incorrect adjustment of the tire pressure. Putting too much psi pressure on the front caster makes the strip bumpy.
You may think this is a minor issue until little cracks widen into dips and potholes that damage your pavement. So, the secret is always to drop the tire pressure psi to half.

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