My Car’s Been Dented Can I Fix It Myself Or Should I Visit An Auto Repair Shop?

A dented car has a way of leaving a dent on your self-esteem.

Fortunately for you, dent repair is one of the easiest car services to come across. It can be done in a short amount of time, with results that look like nothing happened in the first place. While you could attempt hail dent removal yourself, it’s a tricky process that can potentially make the issue worse. The last thing you need is a massive cavern in your side-door! Although winter is starting to slow down, there are still plenty of opportunities for hail or slippery roads to leave damage on your car’s exterior.

Let’s take a look at dent repair and what it can offer you.

Motor vehicle repair is the best choice you have when faced with tricky DIY techniques that risk leaving you in the dust. By the time 2016 came to a close there were nearly 230,000 motor vehicle repair and maintenance shops operating in the United States. A study conducted just the following year by AAA showed the average cost to both own and operate a vehicle was around $9,000. Taking good car of your car isn’t just changing out the oil and double-checking the tires. It’s also keeping up the polish so you can be proud of what you own.

Did you know around $60 billion worth of vehicle maintenance goes unperformed every year? This ranges from damaged exteriors to cracked windows to even neglected engines. The total average repair cost for a vehicle in the United States has been sitting pretty at $300, with $200 delegated to parts and $100 for labor. Dent repair is just one of many useful tools you can look up to make sure you’re not running back and forth between the auto repair shop. Just one visit and the job will be done right.

Let’s continue looking at what the auto repair landscape potentially holds for you. The three most common vehicle repairs (as determined by a 2017 study) were replacing oil, replacing windshield wipers, and replacing air filters. The average consumer today will spend nearly $400 every year on diagnostics, scheduled maintenance, and general tune-ups. While you’re visiting the auto repair shop for dent repair it doesn’t hurt to have another check-up. You never know what could be lurking right under your own nose.

When faced with a scratched and dented car, your first instinct is probably to hide the vehicle in the garage so no prying eyes can see. Unfortunately, that’s not usually an option when you have to go to work or pick up the kids. Paintless dent repair combines replacement paint and dent reversal to give you a truly clean look. Experts have gone at length to state 80% (and even 90%) of dents can be repaired using paintless dent repair techniques. Those are pretty good odds!

What should you not do when looking over your car’s damage? Make sure not to pick at the paint, as that can peel off the rest and leave you with an even bigger problem to deal with. Even small dent repair can be made worse if you try to ‘buff’ it out by yourself. Paintless dent repair is a very methodical process that, when done properly, can take just a few hours. That’s enough time for you to head to the coffee shop and mull over your next great car repair adventure.

Leave the dent repair to the professionals. Ask your local auto repair shop about their dent removal cost and drive in style.

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