Out With the New and In With the Used

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Back by popular demand, used car sales are slated to be sizzling hot this summer — and all year round — as more and more consumers are choosing pre owned vehicles for their new set of wheels.

Once considered riskier than risky business, purchasing used cars is now considered a wise investment. Compared to past generations of used cars, today’s cars are easily among some of the most reliable and safest used cars available on the market. In fact, many of today’s models can easily reach 100,000 without any major repairs or overhauls, such as an engine or transmission replacement. Some manufacturer’s known for their reliability produce models that can reach 200,000 without major repair, making the chance of purchasing a “lemon” slim to nil.

Aside from their reliability, affordable used car values are yet another important reason why used car sales have steadily increased in recent years. Did you know that used car values can be up to 30 to 40% less than that of a brand new car? Furthermore, the low cost of ownership of many of today’s models makes them even more affordable over time. After all, there is great value in auto service, and being able to maintain a car for less is important to many car owners.

Last but not least, today’s used cars are more fuel efficient than ever, especially hybrid models which can easily get up to double the gas mileage as a traditional vehicle. Fuel efficiency is important to many Americans, whether they are eco-conscious or simply want to save a few extra dollars. Gone are the days of over sized, gas guzzling SUV’s dominating the road. Instead, Americans are opting for smaller, more fuel efficient vehicles that still pack a powerful punch.

So why buy a used car? Well, for many car shoppers, buy used not only makes sense, but can save them cents!

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