Premium Base Oils Are Used in Many Different Industries

Soft rubber products play an important role in our lives. From manufacturing companies that use products from mineral oil distributors to a variety of industries like automotive and roofing, many of these companies use a number of transformer insulating oils to soften their rubber and make it more malleable. Both polymer and rubber manufacturers, for instance, as well as their compounders rely on the products from mineral oil distributor to create products that are used throughout the home as well as in a number of industries.

The compounding companies take oil and use it to soften their products that range from tooth brushes to interior car parts. Even weather stripping and roofing compounds make use of various kinds of insulating oils. When these oils are specially prepared they are even used in both the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Mineral Oil Distributors Provide Materials for a Variety of Industries

Designed to meet a wide range of very exact specifications, products created by oil distributors play in role in nearly every part of our lives. From the parts that make up the toothbrushes that we use first thing in the morning to light grade oils that are used in the cars that we drive and the furniture that we sit on, there are many times when these oils are needed to soften rubber.

Although we might not be as familiar with the industrial use of these mineral oils, there are personal care uses that are aware of. For instance, mineral oil is preferable for many skin types, including the sensitive skin of infants, according to a 2012 study. Depending on how much these oils are broken down and expanded in the manufacturing process, oils can come in concentrations ranging from 1% to 99%. These various concentrations are used in skin creams, lotions, face and body cleansers, tanning lotions and sun protection, lipsticks, foundations, nail care products, hair gels, baby oils, and vaseline gels. And while these wide range of percentages available may seem extreme, the fact of the matter is many of us have a very specific kind of lotion and other products that we are used to.

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