Questions Over the Quality of Drivers Ed and Driving Lessons

There is much to consider for the requirements of beginner driving courses, and the driving lessons that will teach teens how to enter traffic properly and confidently. Many people argue about the change of the legal driving age, based on the number of teens that crash annually while they are in their first year or two on the road. It has been reported that in their first year of driving about 20% of high school juniors experience a crash of some sort. Even in their first year on the road, teen drivers are 10 times more likely to face a crash. Now, with about 6 million crashes overall in the United States every year, this number could likely decrease if there was more training provided before the official driving license was offered to a teenager.

Possibly Driving Lessons Should Improve
Another question that exists is the number of driving classes required for a teen to first get their temporary permit. As of right now, not much more after that is required in order to what is needed to complete the full practice and preparation for a driving exam and getting their license. Given the use of the temporary permit and the simple need to have a licensed driver over 18, practice driving does not require a professional as much as it does someone as simple as an older sibling. Is that reliable? Likely not always, especially if that driver doesn’t have the best driving record.

Now, it is known that at least half of all teenagers turn to their parents for driving lessons and practice on the road. However, there are many lessons that may slide through the cracks during these lessons, especially since many of these trips on the road may not be included in some of the places where it is most difficult to drive, or where traffic is the hardest to manage.

Potential Additions to Beginner Driving Schools
With the millions of accidents
annually, throughout the 214 million American drivers, there is the possibility of adding some more specific traffic training or detailed driving lessons for those new drivers. They need to be aware of all the risks and dangers and keep up with the traffic rules that can lead to the greatest danger if broken. It is important to know that the fatality rate among drivers ranges by age. Fatality among the ages of 16 to 19 is four times higher than that of drivers from 25 to 69. Victims of road accidents caused by reckless drivers may seek the services of accident lawyers. A professional personal injury lawyer can help them file a claim to receive compensation for their injuries and property damages.

Some of those driving classes that are so essential to the initial temporary permit, there is much to gain from additional driving lessons. While new drivers may have completed the beginner driving courses, there is much more that could help to keep young drivers or even those that need additional training. Some of those classes may include:

  • Defensive driving school
  • Traffic lessons
  • Driving safety school

Basically, the question of the quality of current drivers ed exists in many communities, especially if they find a lot of accidents occurring among new drivers. Some parents may be worried about their children learning enough in driving lessons, especially if they are not learning to defend themselves on the road as well as follow all of the essential traffic laws that will keep them safe. And if one feels like they’ve been wrongly given a speeding ticket, then it is highly advisable that one hire a traffic ticket attorney to defend them in court. It is also most important to remember that there are other drivers out there who are not safe and can lead to deadly accidents at any time. Improvement of either the first set of driving lessons could be increased to offer this help, while there may also be more sets of lessons required to help add to the experience of driving these teens gain before they hit the road on their own. A great deal can be taught in regards to defensive driving as well as the management of high-traffic situations and other dense settings. With so much trouble that can be faced when driving, lives could be saved with better driving, fewer drivers, or even the increased of shared commutes and the use of local transportation. With so many people who drive alone to work every day, the improvement of highway safety could come with the improvement of driving classes overall.

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