Remanufactured Hybrid Batteries Are a Less Expensive Replacement Option

Honda insight ima battery

Now that hybrid cars have been on the road for long enough, we all know at least three things. We know that they get great fuel economy. We know that they are better for the environment. The other thing we know about hybrid cars is that one of the things that is essential to their function is prone to failure. Research finds that though hybrid battery warranties are eight years, they can last as few as six. If you’re a hybrid owner you know that the thought of hybrid battery failure is pretty scary because you don’t know when it will fail and because you know the cost of hybrid battery replacement can run you a few thousand dollars.

One less expensive option in the event of hybrid battery failure is to get a remanufactured hybrid battery. Remanufactured hybrid batteries are significantly cheaper than buying a brand new one from your dealership.

When something is remanufactured — which happens with a lot of electronics like lap tops, cell phones, and other handheld devices — the parts are all tested and inspected. The parts that do not pass inspection or are worn are replaced. The battery is then put back together in better condition. Remanufactured hybrid batteries are not new, but all of the parts should be in working order.

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