Repairing Your Car At a Shop

Many Americans own their own car, such as sedans, pickup trucks, or jeeps. These vehicles are a big investment, and they sometimes cost extra in repairs and upkeep to stay in fine working condition. And whether new or used, cars may need repair, such as after a car accident or a scrape. Hail damage, paint scratches, cracked windshields, and more can be dealt with at an auto body repair shop or a car body shop. For example, repairing dents from hail can remove the ugly dents in a car’s body after a hail storm, and repairing dents from hail may be difficult for a car owner to do alone. Instead, body work such as repairing windshields or repairing dents from hail can be done at a local auto repair shop. A car owner can look for local shops by reference or online and compare different shops’ customer reviews and prices. Crews there can repairing dents from hail, fix a bumper, and much more. What might harm a car like this? And what about paint repair?

Car Trauma

Quite a bit may happen to damage a car, and plenty of American cars today are in need of repairs of one kind or another. In fact, a recent survey has found that as many as 77% of all cars, over half, currently need repairs done on them. And often, cars are suffering damage when they get involved in auto accidents across the United States. Around 72% of all car crashes tend to result in property damage to some extent or other, and rear end collisions are common. On average, experts have found, a rear end collision takes place in the United States once every eight seconds, and nearly two million such collisions took place in 2014 alone. That accounted for 33% of all car crashes in that year. Typically, drunk driving, distracted driving, and speeding are responsible for many car crash cases. Other times, bad weather such as heavy rain or snow can make roads slick and impair drivers’ vision, causing collisions with other cars or property such as lamp posts.

A car may also suffer damage to its paint job. All cars have a coat of paint complete with primer and sealant, and cars often come in neutral colors such as gray, white, black, and silver. Others may be red, green, blue, or other exotic shades. But the common element here is that paint damage is very real, and many cars today have marred paint jobs. Sometimes, paint is scraped off or scratched when a heavy tree branch falls onto a car, such as during an ice storm of due to a lightning strike. Or, cars may take damage to their paint jobs in a scrape against other cars or property. Vandalism is another threat to car paint. Sometimes, a person may “key” a car; that is, deliberately drag a key or similar item across a car’s paint to put ugly scratches on it. This, too, calls for paint repair.

Car Care

No matter what happens to a car’s body or paint, it may be taken to local auto repair shops for maintenance, tuning, and the replacement of parts. A car’s owner may look up local shops and compare their prices and customer reviews to find the best shop for their money, and some expert car owners can effect repairs themselves. Car enthusiasts have the skills and tool to customize and repair their own cars, and they may even lend their expertise to others.

At a a repair shop or private garage, a car may have its cracked windshield removed and replaced, or its tires can be replaced. A damaged bumper can be secured back onto the body, and knocked-off side view mirrors can be re-installed or replaced. Damaged headlights can be replaced, too. And of course, the paint can be touched up to repair local damage.

It would be wasteful to replace a car’s entire coat of paint due to scratches or rust patches in one area, so instead, touch up paint jobs can be done. The affected area is scoured clean, then primer, paint, and sealant are applied to patch up the car’s paint job. Some car owners can do this alone once they order the right paint online.

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