Replacing the Starter on a Jeep Cherokee


Occasionally, the starters of Jeep Cherokees do not perform well and you do not know why. For this situation, I have had to alter an additional one in keep parking tons, driveways and most just lately in front of my son’s apartment. By applying this, your Jeep will run again quickly and you can probably avoid a towing bill.

For most folks, there is a lot of area to get accessibility the starter with no even jacking up the Jeep. In truth, not jacking it up makes it simpler to get the starter past the manage arm when removing it from the engine bay. Follow these steps as a guideline:

  1. Remove the adverse battery cable
  2. Remove 8MM nut that holds the starter set off wire to the solenoid.
  3. Get rid of the reduced mounting bolt. Note this is an SAE bolt with 9/sixteen head. It goes in from the front of the starter.
  4. Take away the upper bolt. This 1 is metric with a 15 MM head that goes in from the transmissionside.
  5. Eliminate the starter and lower it sufficient to remove the battery cable from the terminal. This is a 13MM.

To set up the new starter, first install the battery cable in area and move the trigger wire out of the way. Follow these next steps:

  1. Position the starter so that it indexes into the hole in the backing plate. Start off the upper bolt but do not tighten. This is the shorter metric 1.
  2. Commence the decrease bolt (longer SAE one) and make certain the starter is aligned appropriately with the hole in the backing plate. Tighten the bolts.
  3. Attach the set off wire and tighten the nut.
  4. Reattach the battery cable.

Following every thing is back in place, you can turn the important and start up your Jeep. Be confident to reset your clock and radio presets that you loose by disconnecting the battery.

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25 Replies to “Replacing the Starter on a Jeep Cherokee”

  1. TheEasyontheeyes says:

    Have ordered the srt ..chose it over the range rover sport which is onder designed and over priced..the jeep is just brilliant total value for money !

  2. woutergronum says:

    I have one of these and would fuck up anything that comes its path!!! Land rovers and Mercedes are for pussies this is the real off road machine!!! Nothing stops a jeep!!!

  3. ordwaykbellen says:

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  4. Сергей Жуков says:

    Я люблю джип

  5. VinXLQ1 says:

    “The serious offroader will want to know about the sand and mud mode”
    No, the serious offroader will not buy a new Grand Cherokee, unless it’s for the wife to take the kids to school.

    Look at that baby flex. Crazy.

  6. keechmabreeks says:

    2014 grand cherokee pics are now up on Jeep website.8 speed ecodiesel

  7. bukerlhmaras says:

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  8. FuckinShovel says:

    The haters are out in force…

  9. 2004YukonXLGuy says:

    2:57 @MotorTrend The rock setting engages low range which locks the front and rear driveshafts together so how would it “add a little more rear wheel drive bias” ?

  10. 3XICS says:

    Did they solve the moose test issue?

  11. Werner van der merwe says:

    @59summerset i replied on a comment below not the video.replied on a comment about the cornering of the car.I have a WK2 GC Hemi full house so i would know

  12. 59summerset says:

    Obviously it had air suspension. You can’t raise the ride height without air.

  13. erminiagpringles says:

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  14. Rob Menconi says:

    they havent made a real jeep in 10 years

  15. khaled kh says:

    great car
    but oh my god he is boring

  16. czf21 says:

    Get a ford festiva then put off rode tires and then take it off

  17. paragiexpertowner says:

    body ML
    Suspension ML

    what a joke!

  18. paragiexpertowner says:

    think again! its only an ML

  19. paragiexpertowner says:

    Yes but this one cant save you. commander has frame this one NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  20. paragiexpertowner says:

    Im glad you noticed it! Its an ML hiding in a Jeep badge.

  21. paragiexpertowner says:

    yup but not his one. Sorry to say this jeep has ML350 suspension which is a crap.

  22. paragiexpertowner says:

    I agree with you. Your a prof mechanic so have you noticed that the suspension is same as ML350?

  23. paragiexpertowner says:

    This jeep cant do MOAB.

  24. paragiexpertowner says:

    Yes its comfy because its an ML350 hiding in a Jeep badge. Im sure suspension will give out before 50k miles. Dont fool yourself, your jeep cant do real off road. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

  25. paragiexpertowner says:

    sorry this jeep cant do that hahahaha!

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