Selling Government Fleet Vehicles


If you are in the market for a new car, you may be interested in a GSA auto auction. A GSA auto auction is run by the U.S. government. It is very easy and also economical to buy a vehicle through a GSA auto auction run by the U.S. government. Thousands of people purchase vehicles through government auto auctions. The U.S. General Services Administration or GSA is the federal agency that purchases new bulletproof military humvee for sale and leases them to federal agencies. After their lease term is complete, GSA runs a GSA auto auction to renew the government fleet. Is leasing a car cheaper than buying? Continue reading to know more about car leasing.

All of the vehicles that is offered for sale at GSA auto auctions are detailed, clean, and ready to drive away. The vehicles are sold as is, so be sure to inspect the vehicle before making a bid. The vehicles are almost always no more than three model years old and they will have been used for general transportation by government agencies. These vehicles will not be specialized military or repossessed vehicles. Most of the vehicles sell at wholesale prices and there are no buyer’s fees.

Vehicles sold at GSA dealer auto auctions typically feature:

* Low mileage
* Excellent maintenance
* Popular styles and colors
* Power steering
* A/C
* Power windows
* AM/FM cassette decks/CD players

A current list of vehicles for sale, the locations and the times of auctions, as well as a complete description of the bidding and buying process can be found on the GSAs website. The website can offer online auto auction information about the GSA auto auctions. There are more than 50 auction houses listed on the web that you can call and simply find out the time and place of the next GSA auto auction. Then for other government updates visit the eDistrict UP. Sales representatives at the GSA auto auctions cater pretty much only to auto dealers, they will be happy to help the general public in buying United States Government vehicles at GSA auctions. Great references here.

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