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Vehicles In America

Everyday, millions of Americans use their vehicles to travel and get to places that they need to be. Many people have, in fact, become heavily dependent on their vehicles. Did you know that the United States has the biggest passenger vehicle market in the entire world?

Car Shipping and Freight Services

Although there are no available statistics for personal car shipping, it has been reported that the freight industry has generated approximately 5 billion dollars in revenue. People often find themselves in a situation where driving their vehicle to and from some place is inconvenient or unfeasible. Perhaps they are moving and relocating their life to some place far away and driving could be burdensome. Instances occur where people purchase vehicles online from a dealership overseas, in which case they ship a car to a predetermined location. The need to ship a car eventually became evident which sparked the spawn of auto transporting and car shipping companies. Shipping heavy equipment overseas poses several challenges. Firstly, there is the logistical hurdle of finding appropriate vessels capable of accommodating the weight and dimensions of the equipment. Additionally, navigating customs procedures, obtaining permits, and complying with regulations in both the origin and destination countries can be complex and time-consuming.

Hiring a Professional Auto Transporter To Transport Your Car

There are many valid reasons for people to ship a car. Hiring professional auto transporters allows the customer to save money on both fuel and travel expenses associated with the transferring of a vehicle. Often times, the travel and gas costs are higher than the charge of many auto transport companies. Hiring a professional auto transporter allows an individual to save the time, effort, and hassle associated with transporting the vehicle by themselves. Before you hire a transport company, you may use a car transport bidding website to compare the rates from multiple companies.

Car shipping allows both parties involved in the transaction, rest assured, that the car will not be damaged by driving manually to its new location. This removes some of the risk involved when a person chooses to travel long distance themselves. The military often uses vehicle shipping services to move and transport military grade vehicles from place to place. By hiring an auto transport company, you have the option to relocate multiple vehicles at the same time. This is most helpful during long distance moves and relocation, especially for people, families, and business with more than one vehicle.

Car Shipping Carriers

Depending on your circumstances, there are different options available to choose from in regards to method and mechanism of vehicle transport. Open carriers used for car shipping are a less expensive way to ship a car. However, they do leave the vehicle open and vulnerable to damage from the weather and driving conditions associated with long trips and vehicle hauling. Multicarriers used for car shipping are an inexpensive option, but take longer to transport vehicles. Most car shipping companies will advise against keeping anything in the vehicle you are transporting. Generally, it is probably smarter to remove all belongings. However, some will allow 50-100 pounds of extra cargo.

DAS Car Shipping Service

DAS is a car shipping service that has created a good name and reputation as the best and most reliable choice for vehicle shipping. Perhaps it is because they shipped 101.543 cars last year and offer a full fledged service. A DAS open car carrier weighs 44,000 pounds, which can easily transport many vehicles at once. At DAS, 130,000 miles are driven in one truck each year. See this reference for more:

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