Sit on These Three Interesting Facts About Seating

Geotextile manufacturers

When people are asked on their thoughts about seating, generally, they bring up its functionality. What’s the best thing to do with an empty seat? Sit in it, of course. And if it occupies the room of a messy teenager, it doubles as a clothing and bag dumping receptacle. But believe it or not, seats and the process of designing them is a tested and complicated science. When it comes to textiles in particular, industrial textile manufacturers employ methods that would wow any unsuspecting seat user. Most of them use heavy-duty scales to ensure the stability of their products. Visit Certified Scale to learn more.

Here are three little known facts about the science of seat composition, and the industries that employ the use of commercial fabric manufacturers for their seats.

Movie Theaters
There’s nothing quite like going to the movies. With that trademark chill in the air, a bucket of popcorn in your lap and a nice cushy theater chair, it’s no wonder that 62% adults in the U.S. attend the movies each year. As part of their experience, these moviegoers buy those tickets to kick back and munch on their popcorn in comfortable seating, as provided by cost-efficient textile solutions. Imagine if your movie theater had rigid, fold up chairs. If that were the case, most would be waiting for it to show up on Netflix, instead.

The seats in our cars are for more than just comfort. Rather, automotive fabric suppliers need to ensure that the materials being used are safe as well. Dymetrol, a popular automotive textile, is both light weight and flame retardant. Additionally, the material is comfortable and good for the environment, making it one of the more ideal textile solutions for automobile seats. You can get the best car seat covers at

With more than 8 million individuals flying each day, the science of airline seating is extremely important to maintain safety regulations and customer satisfaction. For example, the distance between seats is extremely precise. In coach, the seat pitch distance between two seats is always between 31 and 35 inches.

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