Solutions to Charging an Electric Vehicle

The world craves for sustainable energy options to really catch up with the adverse damage already done on the environment by carbon emissions from factories and particular automobiles. And this is where electric vehicles come in to not only reduce environmental pollution but also improve vehicle efficiency by eliminating the common problems associated with fuel and the fuel system at large. Some of these fuel problems are fuel shortage and price stability.

To enjoy miles of non-stop drive, however, there has been an increased need to have more electric vehicle charging facilities — from home to public EV stations such as opportunity charging station fast charging an electric vehicle battery swapping.

Home EV Charging Solutions

Home EV station lets you easily and conveniently charge your electric vehicle at maximum capacity. Everything you need to do is plug in the onboard adapter from the EV to the outlet at the charge point.

Typically, it takes 5 to 8 hours for an electric vehicle to fully charge. That’s pretty slow but for home charging, you can get fast charging that allows you to drive up to 100 km when fully charged. Home charging facilities are efficient in that you only need to juice-up your vehicle on off-peak hours when you probably not using power for anything else. Make sure that you are also equipped with the right metering solutions for electric vehicle charging stations.

Public Charging Solutions

Charging an electric vehicle is also made possible with many private investors getting into the market and setting up public recharging points that can be accessed and utilized conveniently.

Public charging facilities are installed in strategic places especially in busy places accessed by vehicles such as malls, offices, airports, schools and entertainment centers. Some businesses are also installing these facilities in their parking lots where customers, guests, and employees can recharge their vehicles.

strong>Opportunity Charging Stations

The main challenge now facing electric vehicles is still the ability to conveniently recharge as one of the home gadgets — fast and simple. However, because you need to plug in your vehicle during the night to have enough power during the day means you can’t drive at night. This is an issue if you want the convenience of driving at night and perhaps the reason why opportunity charging stations are highly considered.

Fast Charging Stations

These are rapid charging ports and they quickly charge electric vehicles with almost the same amount of time it takes to fuel a traditional car. Well, not close but 20 minutes of rapid electric charge can juice up your battery to about 80%.

Battery Swapping Stations

Lastly, another option that is increasingly becoming popular and proved effective battery swapping. It’s a solution that eliminates almost all EV charging challenges. The idea is to drive to a charging facility where your drained battery is exchanged with fully charged batteries. You only borrow the battery and you can have it replaced at any of their branches while some companies do come for them.

Factors the affect charging speed of electric vehicles

The efficiency of charging an electric vehicle depends on a number of factors, they are.

  • Battery size Essentially, the bigger the battery the more power it can store, but the longer it will take charge. Consider buying a battery with enough capacity according to your daily mileage so you don’t have to recharge it now and then.
  • Fully charge or top-up It takes a considerable long time to charge an empty battery than is to juice-up from a half-empty battery. So it’s important to take advantage of any charging facility of your battery is half empty.
  • Max charging rate of vehicle The speed which your battery will charge also depends on your vehicle’s max charge rate.
  • Max charging rate of chargepoint Apart for the charge rate on your vehicle, your vehicle will also charge based on the max rate of the charging point.

Lastly, environmental factors can also play a bigger role in how fast your vehicle will charge. Electric vehicles charge fast at optimum temperature, not too cold or hot. Charging an electric vehicle has never been easier with such facilities and infrastructures in place.

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