Staying Alive How To Extend Your Car’s Lifespan

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More now than never, there are a large number of older cars on the road … in fact, the average car on the road right now is 11.4 years old. In fact, the number of cars being driven total is expected to rise to 260 million in 2018, up 5% from the current amount. With Americans attempting to tighten their purse strings and be as frugal as possible, it’s important to get as much time out of your car as possible. What exactly does that entail?

1. Proper Engine Maintenance

It’s necessary to remember that you shouldn’t only visit your auto repair shop when something is wrong. In fact, regular engine maintenance keeps costs down because it prevents more serious problems. Regular engine maintenance can also be a factor in saving money on gas, with a good tune … up being capable of improving gas mileage by up to 4%,.

2. Taking Care Of Your Tires

Getting your car serviced doesn’t simply refer to the inner workings of the vehicle. Your tires can be worn or damaged without your knowledge, severely hurting your car’s overall performance. Furthermore, a quality automotive service can help with issues like rotating your tires, or replacing them if need be. You will likely have a better chance of getting a good rate on tire replacements if you do so before the situation becomes “dire”.

3. Replacing Brake Pads And Spark Plugs

Automotive repair, more often than not, involves expected and regular replacements. Things like brake pads and spark plugs don’t last forever. Although the specifics are different with every car, most brake pads need to be replaced every 20,000 miles; and most spark plugs need replacing after 30,000 miles. Remember: as aggravating as replacements can be, you don’t want to be without something as crucial as brake pads in the moment.

4. Make Sure That Your Car’s Aesthetic Appearance Holds Up

When you look good, you feel good … and when your car looks good, you feel even better. Your paint job will last longer if you have a clean coat of quality wax products like the turtle wax pro on top. Applied every six months, wax will keep your car looking amazing.

Quality automotive service isn’t hard to find, but you have to take the initiative. The fact is that your car has its needs just as the human body does; you can’t leave it alone and expect nothing to go wrong. This is an expensive, important product that you’ll want to keep for as long as possible. With good care, it should last for years to come.

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