The Evolution of the Jeep Grand Cherokee

2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SummitWe can see Jeep Cherokee’s constantly on the roads. Looking back to the past, it seems as if they were around since the time SUV was created, but in fact they appeared on the roads only in the early seventies, or to be more precise, in 1974.

Cherokee is in fact a downsized version of the Wagoneer, as these two vehicles are very similar, with the difference that the Cherokee was a sportier model of the two. The Wagoneer and the Cherokee shared the same characteristics including the dimensions and the engine selection. The mein difference between the two was the price – Cherokee was cheaper.

In the 1974 Jeep Cherokee was available only with two doors. This vehicle was of the same length as the Wagoneer and had the same wheelbase. Only in the 1977, the four door Cherokee was introduced to the market.

Most of the American cars started being downsized in order to meet their customer needs in 1984. The same happened with the Cherokee. The Cherokee from 1984 was completely different from its predecessors. Only the name remained the same. To start with, the wheelbase was shorter over 7 inches. The length of the vehicle got shorter as well, and in this case it was 21 inches shorter. The 1984 Cherokee also got much lighter which made it more fuel efficient and much easier to drive on the roads.

Jeep Cherokee Lardo was added to the “family” in 1985. This was actually a trim version of the Cherokee with some upgrades such as pluch interior, chrome grille treatment, alloy wheels and similar. In this year some other revisions were made on Cherokee which included passenger assist handles, front headrests etc. Also, it is at this time when two wheel drive versions were added for those consumers who were not in the need of capabilities of four wheeled drives.

Then again in the 1986, there were two crucial upgrades added to the Cherokee – the four cylinder engine was redesigned and it was then replaced with a fuel injection carburettor.

Serious power became an option in 1987. In this time, Cherokee already had six cylinder engines.

New substantial changes were made on Cherokee until in 2000 year the vehicle was refined and Grand Cherokee was introduced. The 2000 Grand Cherokee had a revamped engine which was at the same time cleaner and quieter.

Looking by the years, this is how the Grand Cherokee evolved to a perfect vehicle we know today:

1998 – In this year the Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid size SUV featuring a well equipped interior and comfort for five passengers.

1999 – Not many changes from the previous year model, still very well equipped with a blend of rugged capability.

2000 – Mid size SUV vehicle with stylish and rugged interior, perfect for up to five passengers.

2001 – This year’s model is already equipped with a cruise control and CD player.

2002 – Very capable SUV both on and off the road, and still a mid size five passenger vehicle.

2003 – This year’s Jeep Grand Cherokee is ruggedly capable on the outside and very well equipped on the inside.

2004 – The Jeep Grand Cherokee from this year got a styling update on the front end.

2005 – A five passenger mid size SUV is getting a 2WD and 4WD in this year.

2006 – The 2006 year Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in four trims starting from the classic Laredo to the powerful SRT8.

2007 – Thought well for the off road duty, this year’s Cherokee gets 2 new different engine choices: 3.0 turbo diesel and a 4.7L V8 Flex Fuel.

2008 – Available with 5 different engines, now with the new 3.0L turbo diesel V6 which is perfect for driving ranges of up to 450 miles on the highway.

2009 – This year’s model is a perennial favourite as it offers a variety of engines and a lot of options.

2010 – This five seat Ruggedly capable SUV got slots below the Commander in size

2011 – This year the Jeep Grand Cherokee got totally redesigned with new craftsmanship inside and out, and completely new looks.

2012 – Cherokee offers seating for seven as well as a towing capacity of 7000 lbs

2013 – Not many changes since the last year’s model, but still offering superior off road capabilities, therefore stands for an ideal sport utility vehicle

2014 – The Grand Cherokee will get significantly redesigned and will be available in standard as well as in performance oriented SRT8 trim levels.


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