luxury timepiece is a significant purchase, not only in price point but in terms of emotional investment as well. Perhaps you’re marking a personal milestone, wish to pass something down to future generations, or maybe it’s an investment opportunity? Whatever the intention, one thing remains unchanging for all watch buyers: it’s a personal decision.


When it comes to choosing your timepiece, it’s not unusual to feel excited or even overwhelmed. The choice of brands, styles, and technology can make it tricky to determine which is the right watch for you and your lifestyle.

To help you make that decision, we’ve teamed up with our Head of Watch Buying, Mark Toulson and International Watch Buyer, Faye Soteri for their expert advice on choosing a luxury watch.




As a rough guide, we’d say that a good introduction to the world of timepieces could cost around £1,000. Renowned brands such as Longines and Oris are ideal places to begin your search, as they will provide a wealth of options for this kind of price point.

Moving upwards to the £3,000-5,000 mark, Breitling, OMEGA, and TAG Heuer will all provide beautiful mechanical watches that stand the test of time. These are ideal for those looking for a heritage piece.

Then we come to the higher-end of the scale, with timepieces that feature more intricate complications and precious metals. Rolex and Patek Philippe are the brands you may want to be looking at here, not simply for their prestige but the innovation and attention to detail that has secured their places as world leaders in haute horlogerie



“The complex knowledge and sheer amount of time required to create such a sophisticated piece of engineering is reflected in a watch’s prestige and price point. This makes budget a crucial consideration when it comes to determining which luxury timepiece to buy. Watches of this quality can cost anything from £500 and reach all the way up to seven figures, so having a price in mind will create a starting point for you to work with.”FAYE SOTERI, INTERNATIONAL WATCH BUYER FOR


For those looking to luxury timepieces as an investment, there are a few more factors to consider. Rolex is always a good place to start for investment pieces, as is anything that’s limited edition. You’ll also find it’s not unusual to be placed on a waiting list to purchase a particular high-end model. This is actually a positive thing as it means that watch should gain value over time. A good rule of thumb is that the smaller the amount of models made, the higher the value it will become.

Having made its debut in 1956 and as the timepiece of choice for influential people, the Rolex Day-Date 36  (pictured in the featured image) – available in only 18ct gold or platinum – is a classic choice worthy of its price tag.




Understandably, style is one of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing your luxury timepiece. From the colour of the dial to the material of the strap, it’s a statement on your wrist that will be with you for many years to come, through a variety of events and occasions. It’s something to wear and to enjoy. These are the most popular rolex replica.

There are many different watch styles, taking functional and design inspiration from the world of aviation to the depths of the deep sea. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Dress watches. Designed to be worn with formal attire, although nowadays it’s common for dress watches to be paired with semi-formal and casual business wear. Simplicity and elegance are key here, with limited complications on display.
  • Pilot watches. Simplistic in style and larger than most other timepieces, the aim for pilot watches is to be highly legible and easy to operate. This makes them more of a practical timepiece, most at home with a casual business look.
  • Divers watches. With a dial that’s typically uncluttered and high contrasting, diving watches are rooted in their need to be legible underwater and in low light. The vast majority also tend to feature a rotatable bezel for timing a dive. To be called a ‘diving watch’ they must feature a water resistance greater than 330ft.
  • Military watches. Originally designed for timekeeping under tough physical conditions, military watches are typically robust and crafted from impact-resistant material, also featuring high luminosity. They tend to come in a more muted colour palette.
  • Racing watches. Two complications define a racing watch: a chronograph (which is a stopwatch function) and a tachymeter (which tracks travel time or measured distance, based on speed). Visually, racing watches are a little more flamboyant, with more exotic colour and style options.

Of course, the world of luxury timepieces also comes with a few sartorial principles which you may want to adhere to. These include never wearing a rubber watch strap with a suit, and ensuring that any leather accessories match the leather strap of your watch.



“Your style is a reflection of your personality, letting the world know who you are without having to utter a single word. A luxury timepiece should do exactly the same. Think about the colours that complement your wardrobe, the design that sparks an emotional connection. Ask yourself ‘is this timepiece bold enough, elegant enough?.’ Explore thoughts around your own perception of style before you decide what is worthy enough to rest on your wrist.”


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