Tales of the Trailhawk – Moab Traction (Episode 1 of 10) | Jeep®


Observe the 2014 Jeep® Cherokee Trailhawk show traction in action on the brutal Hell’s Revenge trail in Moab, UT. To learn more about the 2014 Cherokee,…
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17 Replies to “Tales of the Trailhawk – Moab Traction (Episode 1 of 10) | Jeep®”

  1. Alex Delgado says:

    Song name?

  2. Miradart says:

    I have to agree with you. It is sad that capable, simple to work on, and reliable off road Jeeps are pretty much a thing of the past. There really hasn’t been a ‘proper’ replacement for the original Cherokee.

    The thing us regular people (that buy used) have to remember is that OE’s sell NEW cars. They don’t sell used cars that get upfitted and modified. They have to appeal to the NEW car buyer, and very very few of them do REAL offroading. (as you know, gravel alleyways don’t count 😉 )

  3. CopperheadRoad4x4 says:

    No articulation is in no off road condition a good thing, and any offroader with experience will tell you that independent suspensions and front wheel drive, by nature, is going to create a weaker and less durable drivetrain in offroad conditions than their “outdated” counterparts. If your first Jeep was a wk grand cherokee this is probably not bad to you. But if you, like me, grew up in Jeeps that were capable, simple to work on, and reliable, and that’s all they were, you’re gonna miss that.

  4. vonguido1 says:

    You’re missing the point, this is suppose to be a Jeep not a Fiat, this vehicle should have been branded Fiat not Jeep. The compass is another vehicle that should have been branded chrysler not Jeep. The Cherokee is suppose to be simple, rugged, a jack of all trades and master of none, not this sorry excuse of a Jeep. It should be branded a Fiat Fairy

  5. doitkg1 says:

    They need to go back to the simple, no bullsh*t, straight forward, pure off road capable Jeep Cherokee! Live Rubicon axles, locking diffs, new Penstar V6, LOW crawl ratio, & better door seals! Just BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL CHEROKEE WITH UPGRADES…… Why did you try to fix what wasn’t broke?

  6. jeforever23 says:

    That is not an Xj or a jeep anymore

  7. themcdvideo says:

    If only it had a solid front axle. Then you could call it a jeep . Looks like a Honda to me.

  8. bleepinjeep says:

    What is that doing out in Moab? I’ve seen videos of a Ford Taurus driving around Moab. I challenge you to bring that thing to East Tennessee and lets see if it can follow a real Cherokee.

  9. 7birchlane says:

    My Fav Jeep!! i will get one asap!! Stop hatin and go get a wrangler if u dont like this model…..smdh

  10. jetleg1000 says:

    se per te questa non è una jeep ……. “nonrompercazzo”…comprate una wrangler.

  11. Miradart says:

    4 litre jeeper makes me laugh. “Ugly” (okay I’ll give him that) “Bad MPG, Sucky 4WD” Whaaa? I mean Whaaa?

    The vehicle is not even out yet, and you claim it gets bad mpg, and has a sucky 4WD system? You must me clairvoyant!

    As for “No Flex” Uh, Thats a good thing! It means the trim won’t rattle, squeak and fall off in no time flat.

    If y’all wants an old 4wd, just buy one! Don’t bitch that the new one isn’t an old one.

  12. fpossenti says:

    People of Jeep/FIAT, please kill this Cherokee/Alfa Romeo and bring something like the old “XJ” with the V6 Pentanstar! LIke you did with the Wrangler, ok? Got IT?

  13. fpossenti says:


  14. Gabriel montaño says:

    wonderfull, great diesel engine? 

  15. Gabriel montaño says:

    sin palabras espero que tenga version a diesel con motor de bajo consumo. tecnologicamente avanzado.

  16. 4LitreJeeper says:

    Ugly, bad mpg, sucky 4wd system, NO flex, did i mention UGLY!!! Not a true jeep. Take that mess back to Italy.

  17. Jack Bernard says:

    I would consider if it had a solid front axel. But ifs hells no.

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