The Automobile And The American Owner

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The automobile has become essential to the American way of life. Since the 1950s when Americans began to move out of the larger metropolitan areas and into the growing suburbs, the need for a car has been more prevalent. As women began to join their husbands in the workforce of the 1970s, families began to need two cars per household. Cars have become very important to us.

For men, in particular, the car has taken on a character with an almost human personality. According to the International Carwash Association, 64% of car owners talk to their cars. In addition, 27% give their cars a name. When it comes to the way we take care of our cars, then, it won’t surprise you to learn that we go to great lengths to keep them in working order.

We love to keep our cars clean. It’s estimated that over 8 million cars are washed every day at a carwash. An auto detail cleaning service is one of the most consistently busy enterprises in most suburban towns. Auto detailing keeps a car looking and feeling like new perhaps more than any other service. But looking and feeling new don’t address what goes on under the hood of a beloved car.

There’s probably not a worse, sinking feeling than driving down the road and seeing you check engine light come on. Everyone knows that can be signaling any number of potential problems. Depending on where you live, and where you get your auto repair services, fixes can vary in price. In 2014, repairs averaged in cost from between $375 to $423. The most check engine light repair so far in 2015 is the oxygen sensor. A faulty oxygen sensor can impact gas mileage by a whopping 40%. The sooner that gets repaired the better.

Sometimes you might find yourself in need of good collision repair services. Obviously no one wants to have this happen, but it’s good to know someone who can get the job done well. Auto collision solutions can be a quick Google search away and once you find someone reliable, they will be your go to auto and collision repair family for life. Collision repair services don’t have to break your bank. Just a little research and shopping around will find you exactly what you need.

A regular check up for your car can help keep in on the road for years and years. Just a simple, regular tune up can improve your gas mileage by 4%. Catching and fixing something like that faulty oxygen sensor can improve that mileage by 40%. Spark plug and ignition coil repairs also help keep you car running smoothly. Those repairs are the second most common. They account for about 25% of car repairs.

Whether it’s auto detailing, collision repair services or just a good mechanic, finding folks to help you take care of your vehicle makes you feel more secure and safer out on the open road. We love our cars in America. We know the investment we’ve made in them and taking care of them is important. Help keep your car on the road for a good long time to come.

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