The Best Strategies for Golf Cart Maintenance

When it comes to golf cart maintenance, an essential process to start with is battery maintenance for electric golf carts by charging them properly. You need to do this after every three to four weeks regardless of whether you are actively using it or not, especially during the winter season.
It is essential to do this to avoid the cart from losing power and damaging the batteries.

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Find it has a battery maintainer built into the charger and also ensures it has a toll run switch to preserve the batteries’ terminals. In the golf cart maintenance process, it is vital to ensure the terminals are clean and free from acid build-up and corrosion and fill the cells with distilled water for efficiency.
The final step of golf cart maintenance is to keep the area where the batteries are clean and free from debris and in an anti-corrosion environment. To achieve this, you must make a solution of baking soda and water. The required proportion is a gallon of water for a cup of baking soda spray the mixture using a pump sprayer, then rinse the whole battery compartment clean.

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