The Check Engine Light Doesn’t Always Mean a Deduction From Your Checkbook

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If there’s one thing all vehicle owners can agree on, it’s that cars are expensive. Beyond just buying your vehicle and making monthly payments towards insurance, auto repair services and other care can get a little bit pricey. But there are things you can do outside of the car repair shops that can keep your vehicle running smoothly.

One of the most important things you can do to ensure that your car keeps running smoothly is to be informed on standard upkeep and procedure. If you’re aware of all of the regular maintenance that your car needs, you’ll save yourself a much more expensive trip to the car repair shop.  Make sure you check your engine everytime it light’s up like explained at


One of the most overlooked maintenance tasks on a car is checking the oil. If you drive a newer car, the oil should be checked once a week or so, but with older cars the oil can need filling as often as once a day if you drive frequently. Regardless of how old your car is, you should be getting your oil changed every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. It’s little things like this that can really save you in the long run! Things like keeping track of how many miles you’re driving can tell you when to replace your air filter, brake pads, and a million other things before tragedy ensues.

If you’re stuck with a bigger problem though, there’s no need to fear the car repair shops. If you’re taking your car regularly to get checked up on for routine procedures like oil changes, you should be familiar with at least one auto repair shop in your area. Even if you’re not familiar with any car repair shops near you, auto repair quotes are available in minutes when you stop by. In most cases, the shop will be able to tell you what’s wrong with your car (if you don’t know already) and give you a quote before you decide whether or not you’d like them to work on it. Engine and transmission problems are among the most expensive repairs, so taking care of your engine and visiting your local auto repair shop regularly are crucial to the lifespan of your vehicle, and your wallet.

Some people like to treat their cars as children, but treating your car as a reliable mode of transportation is more than enough. A little bit of elbow grease and awareness can go a long way! Almost as long as the quart of oil in your backseat!

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