The Growing EV Market and The Added Need for Commercial Charging Stations

Electric vehicles have been developed so well over the past decade or so, growing continually as a market, and also making the need for the best commercial EV charging stations in many areas of the country in the near future. This will help electric cars charge quickly and efficiently at the same stations, especially when drivers are in the middle of long trips. Relating this to the many gas stations that we already have, different fuel companies gone corporate, there will be a benefit in the long run for different energy sources to get involved in the further development of commercial charging stations.

What are Commercial Charging Stations?

Electric car charging stations help most often with the need to charge the batteries of EVs when drivers are away from home. While the most time available to charge is at home overnight, there are sometimes helpful times, during long trips or travels, when stations would basically replace the locations where corporate gas stations are available to fuel standard engines today. Advertisements have been seen about some oil corporations starting on alternative energy options, and if the EV market continues to grow the commercial charging station will likely be essential. This may include an EV network or another line, which would end up similar to the franchises and companies that own gas stations today. These same stations may also work with multiple EV stations that provide commercial charging stations at places like hotels, lodges, and other locations.

Homes Currently The Best Commercial Charging Stations

Given the number of electric vehicles already on the road, and many owned for the intention of saving money on long work commutes, making home the best place to plug in these electric or hybrid vehicles overnight. Sometimes it is also important to have access to a plugin for a recharge over a short period of time, bringing in the need for the best commercial EV charging stations. This could place a need at the workplace, school, or other daytime parking location. It would allow for hours of charging that could help save these hybrid auto drivers from having to buy much gas.

Commercial Charging Stations Already Available

As of 2017, over 90,000 electric or hybrid vehicles were already on the road, with only about 87% of the charging stations in existence being available to the public. This means that basically most of the charging being done is at home, leaving more to be said for the shift toward alternative energy sources and improvements for the environment. The growth of the EV market is about 40% per year, adding a need for attention in this fact, and leading to the commercial charging stations in many communities. One thing to consider is the fact that these cars will continue to sell, and with more of them hitting the road all the time, we need to be able to keep them running efficiently.

Additionally, there are about 21,000 EV charging stations, with only about 87% of those being available to the public. Because the EV market grows about 40% per year, the importance of developing these stations is growing higher constantly. So many gas stations are already available around the country, and if the shift toward electric vehicles continues its run, it would be even more important to make sure that all of these autos are run efficiently while they are on the road. Many of them are still hybrids, but there is no reason that the drivers who found it important enough to purchase an environmentally-helpful hybrid to constantly use fossil fuels. Therefore, the development of more commercial charging stations could be a great benefit to the automobile industry overall. More auto brands would have a motivation to develop their own EVs while also advancing the ones that are already on the market.

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