The Most Bizarre Reasons People Have Needed a New Car

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Are you in the market for a new or used car after a fender bender? An auto accident can leave your wallet — and your ego — with something left to be desired. Knowing that it can and definitely has been much worse, however, can help a little. One way to mitigate this unpredictable is events is to try to prepare ahead of time, by having an auto accident lawyer to contact, instead of having to start to look for one afterwards. And for maximum injury claim settlements, call some legal experts like auto accident attorney lincoln ne.

In this article, used car dealers and auto services tell us about the craziest car accidents ever.

Senior Gets A Craving For Pizza At One Of The Worst Times

An elderly man from Nebraska raised his fair share of eyebrows when he crashed his car. “”An elderly man got his foot stuck on the accelerator of his car and drove into a Valentino’s pizza restaurant in Lincoln, USA. While other concerned citizens called 911, the man placed an order for a pizza from inside his car,” Oddee reports. Authorities thought that this behavior, coupled with the man’s nonchalance, was so unusual, they ordered doctors to examine the man to determine whether he was in a state of shock. He wasn’t. He just wanted his pizza.

If You Want To Renew Your License, You May Want To Avoid Crashing Into The Licensing Office

I was scrolling through the accident news and saw this. One man in Washington was so eager to renew his license, he drove straight into the licensing office. Once again, the man’s foot slipped off of the brake and onto the accelerator. The Mabra Law Firm truck accident lawyers can represent you and get you the rightful claim.

When Two Year Olds Get Behind The Wheel

In Georgia, a father was very surprised when he returned from unloading groceries and his son, just two years old at the time, managed to shift his red pick up truck into gear and drive it. The story did not end there, however. The two year old drove the truck into the side of the neighbor’s home! The very understanding neighbors surprisingly did not press charges, and the little boy luckily wasn’t hurt. However, not all accidents end happily. Most of the time someone gets hurt or property gets damaged. If you get injured by a negligent driver, make sure that you protect your rights by hiring an auto accident attorney.

No matter what you did to your old vehicle, used car dealers, local car dealers, and/or new car dealers have likely seen it all. Don’t let your embarrassment mean you miss out on some of the best new car sales. Learn more.

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