The Most Unlike Place to Get Your New Car


Shopping for a car can be a really challenging experience. With so many options out there, and such a variety of price points, it’s hard to justify spending 300% more for one car if, at the end of the day, any car will get you from point a to point b. Instead of hashing out all of your decisions in front a sales person whose commission is on the line, don’t you wish you could car shop from the comfort of your own home? Well, guess what? You can! Online auto auction software allows you to do just that!

When you search auto inventories using auto auction software, you are viewing cars that come from a variety of places: bankruptcies, business liquidations, police confiscations, estate sales and more. Prices for a car are generally lower in this format because cars purchased in these situations are cheaper for the seller and because overhead prices for sellers are so much lower. No cost to store a vehicle, no need to tidy it up and make it look ready for retail and no need to pay a salesperson. Dealer auto auctions are a multi-million dollar business, and growing, mostly because it saves consumers money and headache.

A feature to consider when looking into online auto auction software like smart auction or openlane is Simulcast. Simulcast gives you the chance to compete, unidentified, again other people in an auction hall. This way, you are participating in a live, physical auction without ever attending. Simulcast helps auctioneers get more interested people involved, and it lets you bid from wherever you’d like. The advantages of a live and internet auction are combined with this feature. So, go ahead and bid on a car while laying on the beach or commuting on the train. Hopefully soon, you can skip the train for your new four wheels!

Buying a car is a big step and there are so many ways to do it right. Online auctions are just another tool to consider when you are looking for the best vehicle for you. Research more here.

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