Three Reasons to Invest in a Security System for your Car

According to a recent industry study, nearly 100% of all car owners purchase some exterior accessories for their vehicles. As you decide which window tint and audio system is the best fit for your car, it’s also important to take safety measures to protect your vehicle from theft and break-in. Here are the top three reasons to add security car systems to your shopping list as you customize your car.

Car Theft is Increasingly Common

While vehicle thefts have generally trended downward since the 1990s, there has been a recent uptick in carjacking in recent years. According to the Insurance Information Institute, automobile theft increased by over seven percent in 2016. Even though you may live in a safe area, vehicle theft can occur anywhere and target anyone. Industry experts advise that as vehicles become more sophisticated, so too do car thieves constantly devise new ways to break into automobiles. Security car systems can protect your vehicle from theft no matter where you are.

Installing an Alarm can Help you Sell your Car Later

If you plan to customize your vehicle with an audio system, backup camera, or window tinting for resale, consider adding a car alarm as well. Private party sellers are able to sell their used car for over $1,000 more if they detail and increase the safety of their vehicle.

Security Car Systems are the Wave of the Future

The iMOVE Cooperative Research Centre in Australia recently made international headlines for working with the federal government to create an integrated vehicle security system, allowing cars to “talk” to one another and to local agencies to increase safety. As we move into an era in which vehicle security can be compromised on the road and for information, it’s more important than ever to invest in a security system that will protect your vehicle from any threat that comes your way.

As you customize your car for comfort and aesthetics, don’t forget to protect your vehicle from theft and damage. You wouldn’t drive your car without protecting it with auto insurance, so why take it out without taking the time to install a security car system?

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