Tips for Choosing the Right Torro Clamp

There is a range of Torro Clamp sizes. The right clamp size is critical to the result of your project. Whether you are looking for clamps for your car hoses or you need them in the house, the right size clamp makes sure you get the job done right.

There is a right way to choose Torro Clamp sizes and a wrong way. Making sure you get it right starts with understanding how to make the right choice.

A Word About Torro Clamps

Torro is a well-known name in worm clamps. It is considered a world leader in clamps for use in applications with mechanical loads. These types of clamps are used on a wide range of hoses in the automotive industry including:

  • Fuel line assemblies
  • Engine hose connections
  • Oil and coolant lines and more

Outside of the automotive industry these clamps can be found on connections for appliances, water treatment connections, sewage connections and more. They deliver the reliability and the durability that make them the ideal hose clamps for plumbing, hose clamps for emergencies and for just about any application.

Pick the Perfect Size

There is nothing more frustrating then waiting on a part for a repair and then you get the wrong part. Choosing the right large hose repair clamp from the start will save you a lot of stress and aggravation.

Rule number one is do not “eyeball” the size. Just looking at the size of the hose clamp that is currently on the hose or was on the hose, is not the best way to make sure you order the right size. You never know, the hose clamp that is on there or was on there, may have been the wrong size.

The golden rule of choosing the right size clamp is to know the diameter of the pipe or the hose you are going to use the clamp on. Clamps are described using the range that they can be adjusted too. The diameter of the pipe or hose is the guiding force when choosing clamp size.

Whatever the diameter of the pipe or hose is should be the medium point of the clamp. A 2-inch clamp would not work well with a 2-inch clamp. You would be best going with a larger clamp to get the job done.

Of course, you can always ask your supplier, they will have the answers that you need.

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