Top Five Tips For Maintaining Your New Diesel Engine

03 duramax injectors

Have you recently invested in a diesel engine? You’re well on your way to having a car that runs more smoothly and contributes to a cleaner environment. While it can seem a little nerve-wracking thinking about the Dodge diesel fuel injector or 03 Cummins injector you’ll need to learn how to use, fear not. Part of being a diesel engine owner is becoming familiar with the ins and outs of proper maintenance. Like an artist with a canvas, your Dodge diesel fuel injector is the brush you’ll need to craft the most brilliant, long-lasting engine possible. The top five tips below will help you get the hang of whichever injector you buy, be it 1997 Powerstroke injectors, 2003 Duramax injectors or 03 Cummins injectors. If you notice anything out of the ordinary with your engine, you may have to have it checked at an auto engine repair shop.

Maintain Proper Temperature

Temperature is everything in your diesel engine. Go a little too high and your risk affecting its inner workings. Go a little too low and you can sacrifice the integrity of your fuel. The expected lifespan of diesel fuel is around 12 months when maintained at 68 degrees ambien temperature. It drops to between six and 12 months when kept above 86 degrees Fahrenheit. But temperature’s not the only thing you’ll have to keep in mind.

Remove Excess Build-Up

Is your engine not working quite like it used to? Your injectors may be to blame. The two most noticeable types of deposits that can cause your Dodge diesel fuel injector or 2002 Cummins injectors to fail are external and internal deposits. This grime is notorious for making your equipment difficult to use. Thankfully, you don’t have to clean these too often. Most injectors start getting dirty after a year and a half to two years of use.

Buy Correct Equipment

Do you get a Dodge diesel fuel injector or 6.0 Powerstroke performance injectors? That’s a question many new-time diesel engine users find themselves asking when they go on the market for quality equipment to maintain their vehicle. Your manufacturer should have all the information you need to make sure you buy the right injectors for your machine. If you have any doubts, ring up customer service and save yourself the pain of a refund.

Check Your Pressures

The year 2014 saw Americans buying 489,000 clean diesel cars. How can we keep these numbers up? You just gotta keep the pressure on. For those that want to get the very most out of their diesel engine, keeping an eye on your pressure count is the way to go. When injection pressures reach 30,000 PSI your injector will create a fine mist of fuel and a more complete burning experience. Not only does your car run much more smoothly, your engine’s lifespan will be increased significantly.

Remember Why You Chose Diesel

It can be time-consuming looking up injector models, comparing prices and figuring out how temperature affects different parts. When it comes down to it, though? You chose diesel for a reason. You chose diesel because it’s 40% more efficient than gasoline. You chose it because it’s a growing industry that will see an expected doubling of sales once 2018 rolls around. When you have so many benefits to choose from, a little research doesn’t seem like much work at all. Bring your car to an auto repair shop periodically to check your injectors and maintain your diesel engine.

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