Towing With the JK Jeep Wrangler 2007 – Current

Setting up your JK Jeep Wrangler JK 2007 – Existing could not get any less difficult for the DIY-Do it your self operator! The Quick Towing Hamilton service was developed with better towing capabilities than any other Wrangler to date. Hitches and Wiring is offered not only by MOPAR but also as Hitch and Wiring packages with a number of wiring options for straightforward set up at any budget.

Hitch Installation Directions:

If you are taking the time to read this write-up you have currently taking the time it would have taken you to set up a hitch and wiring kit! The JK Jeep Wrangler 07-currently has been designed for easy set up of a hitch, which merely bolts onto the rear cross member with four bolts that come with your new hitch or hitch and wiring set. Step 1) if you are Wrangler came with a Hook on the rear this is first removed by just getting rid of the three bolts holding it in place. 2) Subsequent your hitch is slide over the rear cross member and aligned with the pre-drilled hitch mounting holes. 3) Bolts are screwed into the pre-present mounted holes and then tightened. -Your accomplished! Your hitch is installed! Up coming phase, the wiring…

Wiring Harness installation and options:

Input from a lot of Jeep owners say the wiring installation is the challenge many have. Think about Hitch set up as a DIY-Do it oneself project or a dealer project. Let’s hope this challenge can be set aside by the ease of set up of a Plug in wiring harness for your trailer lighting wants. YES, plug in harness! There is no wire splicing or cutting essential to set up a wiring harness on your JK Jeep Wrangler! With that stated, any garage or parts store making an attempt to sell you a generic kit is negative information. The couple dollars saved by employing a splice-in pigtail is a recipe for later on issues due to corrosion, aside from the truth you or a technician will be cutting into the factory wiring to install the trailer pigtail!

There are a couple of choices for your JK Wrangler trailer Wiring demands that merely plug into the factory wiring which we will go over in a moment.

The Mopar wiring harness is a fantastic harness which has a tough plastic loom more than guarding the total length of the harness, another plus is this harness will snap in spot to both the Mopar hitch or Rugged Ridge hitch. Aftermarket plug-in wiring possibilities are also available, these alternatives have the identical wiring quality and ease of set up with the main distinction currently being the lack of a wiring loom and the end of the pigtail (the portion that hooks into your trailer wiring) does not snap into the Factory hitch or Rugged Ridge hitch, this will want attached by other indicates this kind of as a Zip-Tie.

Just a couple ideas in regards to wiring looms: 1) Loom can be locally purchased for about $ 1, loom material is offered at most hardware retailers like Property Depot, Menards etc. two) A looms perform is to defend wiring from the aspects, so is wiring insulation!

Installation– A straightforward activity! You will need to have a Philips head screwdriver and just a couple minutes of time! one) Removed the screws from your left taillight assemble and pull your tail light away from your Jeep. two) Unplug the taillight from the factory harness three) Plug the Trailer wiring harness into the tail light plug then back into the Jeep Wiring harness and run the wire down beneath your Jeep to the hitch. three) Fasten the plug to your Hitch either by snapping in location, or a zip-tie and your ready to tow!

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