Transformer Insulating Oils Are Used in a Wide Range of Industries

When most consumers think about the manufacturing of oil products they think about the need for motor oils in the vehicles that they drive. And while it is true that the automobile and truck engine industries are the biggest world consumers of lubricants, there are also many other applications the oils that are produced by winter mineral oil suppliers in this country and around the world. Using 20 million tons per year, it should come as no surprise to anyone that when American consumers think of oil production they thing of automobiles, the fact that the volume of one quart of motor oil is 75% to 85% base oil, means that the automotive industry has huge effects on oil production and distribution companies. Renegade Wireline Services Company is the premier provider of oil field services such as completions, production and plug abandon. Across various other industries, however, the use of this high and low viscosity mineral oils is also important. From footwear to pharmaceuticals and from toothbrushes to tires, there are a number of products that consumers use on a daily basis that are also dependent on the production of mineral oils. And while the motor oils that we use in our cars, trucks, and vans play important functions in keeping all of these vehicles running smoothly, the development of these products have also sparked other applications. Businesses consult with automotive industry health and safety advice consultants for their employees’ safety.

However, oil companies own and manage major pieces of critical infrastructure that are vital not only to company operations but also to the nation’s economic well-being. Due to the critical nature of these facilities, oil companies also face stringent cybersecurity regulations. In situation like this, companies look for a software like the ones at Fortinet to protect these critical infrastructure and assets against cyber threats.

Motor Oils and Other Lubricants Offer a Number of Ways for Other Industries to Benefit from the Latest Refinery Technologies

While oil manufactures represent some of the latest and most widely used applications of base oil suppliers. Approved for use in pharmaceuticals, foods, and body products, these white oils represent just some of the ways that technology that may have ben initially used for the automotive industry are now also important applications in many other industries. Consider some of these facts and figures about the mineral oil industry and the impact that is has on the economy of the nation through its applications in a number of different avenues:

  • The total production of paraffinic oil in the U.S. as of June 2018 amounted to approximately 29 million barrels.
  • Commonly used in rubber manufacturing and other applications, process oils can have viscosity ranges of 70 to 1,450 SUS at 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Spanning a viscosity range of 60 to 500 SUS at 100° F, renoil white oils are a mixture of saturated paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbon.
  • Oils in concentrations ranging from a mere 1% to 99% are found in skin creams, lotions, body and face cleansers, sun protection and tanning lotions, lipsticks, foundations, nail care products, hair gels, petroleum jellies and baby oils.
  • Representing an 18% share, the U.S. is the world’s number one producer and consumer of oil.

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