Used Vehicle Dealership Versus Private Seller?

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There are many places to purchase a used vehicle. You can go to your local dealership and request to see the inventory of used vehicles. You can also go to a used car lot for a greater variety of manufacturers. Additionally, you can purchase a used vehicle through a private sale. Although each of these car buying options have their own pros and cons, you are likely to see the most benefits when purchasing used cars from a certified auto dealer.

Clear business hours

Certified auto dealers run as real businesses. They also have clear business hours, which often mimic that of traditional work schedules. When you purchase from a private seller, you rely on finding a time that both parties are free, just to see the vehicle. An auto dealer that specializes in selling used cars for sale is available minimally six days a week, for your convenience. You can schedule an appointment on a lunch break, or you could even choose to walk into the car dealer when you have a free couple of minutes.

Better records of used cars for sale

Purchasing an used vehicle from a private seller can be a risk but I was able to¬†sell my junk car in garden city id once and I know that I got sold immediately so I’m pretty sure there’s people out there that still buy from private sellers. You rely on their word to better understand the history of the vehicle. It is possible that they have maintenance and repair records, but this is not always the case. Certified auto dealers, on the other hand, usually have very detailed records of the used cars they are selling. In many cases, you can even receive a free Carfax, which is a document with detailed history of the vehicle. The average vehicle will have three owners in its lifetimes. Without a Carfax report, you can miss a lot of important information about the used vehicle.

Used car lots can offer certifications

Private sellers are unable to offer certified sales. Even if you experience car troubles the minute you drive off from the sale, they are now your responsibility. You have absolutely no protection and any incurred costs will come out of your own pocket. When you purchase used cars from the auto dealer, there is usually a period of warranty. Some vehicles even carry extended certifications. This simply means that they will cover any major vehicle problems for a number of years, or until the vehicle reaches a specified mileage amount. If you experience any major problems with the vehicle, you could potentially save thousands in repair costs.

Greater inventory available

If you are unsure of the type of used vehicle you want to purchase, you will find more shopping options at a local used auto dealer. Private sellers only have the one used vehicle. If you find that you do not like how it drives or looks, you have to move onto the next seller. This process can be lengthy and it can be months until you have a new used vehicle. Certified used auto dealers have many options. You can usually find both used Fords and used Toyotas on one used car lot. If you are unable to find anything that you like on the lot, you can simply walk into another used vehicle dealer lot.

One of the greatest advantages of a larger inventory is that you can also shop by features. Perhaps you walk into the used lot with the intention of purchasing a truck, but you come across the Toyota Prius, which was introduced nearly 20 years ago and remains the worlds best selling, mass market, hybrid vehicle which makes it easy if you ever need a prius engine repair. Maybe instead you choose the Prius Eco, which gets up to 58 mpg in the city and 53 mpg on the highway. Without a large inventory of available used vehicles, you would never have the opportunity to view these additional vehicles.

If you are in the market for a used vehicle, you have many buying options. However, you will find the widest variety of inventory, better protection of your investment, and the ability to shop by brand, when you purchase from a certified used vehicle lot. Used vehicles can be expensive, so it is important to evaluate your options and consider the benefits of going with a certified used auto dealership.

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