What Charter Buses Offer

Charter bus tours michigan

Being able to get from point A to point B quickly and easily in medium to large groups can be tricky. Cheap charter buses make it possible for families, school children, the elderly and anyone else who needs a safe, accessible form of transport to discover new places and experience a wealth of opportunities across America. They also offer other benefits.

Few people consider how much better chartering a bus is for the environment. A convoy of cars releases significant amounts of carbon emissions. By contrast a coach bus is six times as efficient in reducing CO2 output as a transit bus and three times more efficient when compared to commuter rail.

When it comes to passenger miles per gallon of fuel coach buses including cheap charter buses top the list at 206.6 miles per gallon, followed by commuter rail at 92.4 passenger MPG, hybrid cars at 46 passenger MPG, airplanes at 44 passenger MPG, transit buses at 31.4 passenger MPG, domestic airplanes at 44 passenger MPG and personal automobiles at about 27.2 passenger MPG.

Putting just one motor coach on the road can replace as many as 55 cars, cutting down on congestion, carbon emissions and energy use. According to Statistica, there were over 256 million cars on the roads in the US in 2013, and there were 1.3 million new light vehicle registrations in February 2015. Cutting down on the number of vehicles can improve road safety while also helping the environment.

And the benefits are not only environmental. Charter buses and other forms of coach bus transport also generate significant revenue for towns, cities and rural areas. Every year more than 750 million motor coach trips are taken, many infusing thousands of dollars into local communities, In fact, from a tourism perspective a single night motor coach trip to a destination can generate over $11,600 dollars in spending. Investment in new coach buses also yields good return on investment for the community with $1.62 in spending being generated for every $1 invested. This amounts to a total of more than $1.2 billion spent on tour and travel annually.

Chartering a bus for family, school or organizational needs, then, offers much more than just affordable, safe transport.

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