What Is the Smallest Hose Clamp Size You Can Purchase?


Double wire hose clamps

Hose clamps sizes come in a variety from as small as .25″ that work well with tubing all of the way to 12.25″ for pneumatic work. If needed, they can even be joined together to make a much larger clamp. Basically used as a device to attach and seal a hose onto a fitting such as a barb or nipple, hose clamps sizes are also available in a wide array of materials.
Having 24/7 access to hundreds of hoses clamps sizes, and the clamping tools that go with them, will help you make sure you’re never at a loss for what you need on any job. For example, selecting a band clamp made of construction-galvanized or stainless steel gives you a double-wrapped option for firm and easy locking. A double ear clamp, on the other hand, provides secure clamping with a tamper-proof seal. These single or double bolt clamps are also great when working with steam or water hoses.
Manufactured to ensure a tight seal between a hose and barb, hose clamps are typically limited to moderate pressures, especially those found in automotive and home applications. High pressure hose clamps are designed to provide even pressure on all sides, without any gaps.
Screw stainless hose clamps are widely used for temporarily fixing damaged pipes quickly in emergency situations. In addition to these very specific uses, they are also versatile enough to be used as heavy duty zip ties, or even as a replacement for duct tape.
The hose clamp itself was invented in 1921 by a former Royal Navy Commander named Lumley Robinson. Since this invention nearly 100 years ago, the hose clamp has become one of the most basic supplies. From boat owners who are wise to keep a variety on hand to compress a fitting so that it fits into the hull of the boat, to home owners who are attaching the dishwasher drain to the disposal, hose clamps serve a wide variety of purposes.

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