What to do When Dealing with Hail Damage to Your Vehicle

Glass repair

If you live in an area prone to hail, then you likely already know the extent of damage hail and cause to a vehicle. Hail damage can include broken windows, dents, and chipped paint. The largest the hail, the greater the damage. In some cases, a car can be totaled from hail damage.

If you live in an area prone to hail, your priority is to get a car insurance from https://www.bestcarinsurancewsa.com, you may even have special insurance coverage to ensure any and all hail damage is covered by your insurance. Obviously, parking in a garage in under a protected roof will significantly reduce the risk of hail damage, but that is not always an option for many.

Hail can also fall in areas not prone to hail, so vehicle owners may not be familiar with the potential for damage or the extent of the damage it can cause. Likewise, they may not think twice of parking outside because they are not expecting hail.

Taking these factors into account, it would be wise to check with your auto insurance provider to see if this coverage is included. Chances are that if you can’t recall then the answer will be no, but it could have been overlooked or you could have forgotten it being mentioned naturally. If you find that you have moved to an area where hail is more prevalent, or wish to be covered for such an eventuality in the future but currently are not, then you might want to look into consulting with companies like cheapautoinsurance.net, which can easily help you find a provider better suited to your current needs. The services they provide include giving you the options and checking for what you need, like price range for example, so you should have no difficulty in finding a worthwhile upgrade.

When dealing with hail damage, the first thing you should do is notify your insurance agent. They will need to access the damage to determine coverage. Glass repair is obviously at the top of the list because driving with cracked or broken windows or windshield is highly dangerous and can lead to further damage. Even if you only have a small windshield crack, get it fixed right away to ensure it doesn’t become a significant crack. Depending on the severity of the damage, you may need windshield replacement.

Bumper repair and auto body repair are not as urgent, but still need addressed to avoid further damage. Once the body, bumper, or paint job is compromised, the vehicle becomes increasingly vulnerable to rust. Rust is more than just unsightly. Rust will slowly eat away at the body of your vehicle until there is significant damage that can compromise the stability of the vehicle body.

Once all the damage and dents are repaired, the vehicle will be off to the paint shop to cover the repaired areas and give it a nice new coat of protective paint. This will decrease the risk of rusting and make the vehicle look fresh and new.

Nobody wants to deal with a damaged vehicle, regardless of how it was damaged. It can be a frustrating process and depending on the extent of the damage, it can be a timely process. Despite that, hail damage is something insurance companies deal with consistently, so your agent will be able to walk you through the process. Find a shop you can trust, who has years of experience in hail damage and auto body repairs.

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