What to Know About Installing Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

Silicone hose clamps

There is a leak under the sink. If you are the do-it-yourself home plumber type, you leap to the rescue. But, do you really have the tools you need? In many cases, heavy duty hose clamps will be necessary. Here is what you need to know.

While there are many hose clamp types and hose clamp sizes, they all are a specific purpose. Knowing how to measure the diameter of whatever you are clamping is key. The outside diameter of a hose, with the fitting inside, gives the measurement needed to find the correct heavy duty hose clamps for the job. Adjustable hose clamps will have a range of outside diameters they will fit.

Heavy duty hose clamps are designed to tightly seal between the hose and barb. No matter what types of hose clamps you use, it is important that the barb be free of nicks, scratches or contaminates. This ensures the tight fit and good seal to keep the water inside the line.

The Royal Navy Commander Lumley Robinson created the hose clamp in 1921. Since then, the parts, which are u-shaped, have found many uses. Besides plumbing, heavy duty hose clamps are also used in automotive repairs. Automotive hose clamps can be found on radiators and fuel lines.

The next time you are playing plumber, think about the tools needed to complete the job. Measure carefully and keep the area free of debris and nicks. Installing heavy duty hose clamps correctly will keep you leak free! Continue: hoseclampkings.com

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