What to Know Before You Go to an Auto Dealer

The kind of car you own will likely change as you get older and your needs change. For example, a smaller car might be practical if it’s just you or you and a partner, but if you have children, you may need a larger vehicle — not just for seats, but also for storage. You’ll likely have more gear (strollers, stuff for extracurriculars, family trips, and so forth), not to mention groceries, school products, and more. For those seeking a bit more adventure or a taste of freedom (or who have older kids), visiting a Jeep dealer when looking for a new car might be just the thing. They’re a comfortable vehicle that runs well on highways and off-road, but the ability to take the top down and doors off transforms it into a vacation vehicle or a way to start adventuring.

The Appeal of Jeeps
There’s plenty of variety when it comes to Jeeps and if you visit a chevrolet dealership that specializes in Jeeps, you’ll have lots to choose from. Regardless of your price point, there’s a model and price that’s right for you.

They’re also versatile — they can go from highway to off-road, so you can take the vacation you want without having to think about (many) limitations. And you can customize your Jeep to some extent, depending on what features are important to you. This applies to not just tech options but also appearance and style.

Most Jeep owners will report that driving is easy and the vehicle handles well on roads and off the roads, which can make nervous drivers feel more at ease. Plus, Jeeps are known to handle different kinds of weather easily, which can alleviate worries about weather situations.

Why Consider a Used Car?

Used vehicle sales were on track to hit an all time high in 2016 — which makes sense. As technology improves, cars and trucks on the market have better longevity and last longer. Whether it’s a private-party sale or a used auto dealership sale, almost 40 million used cars get sold annually.

The main reason people look at used cars is usually price. Used cars — and a car even one year old can be considered “used” are much less expensive than a brand new car, so you can keep some cash in your wallet. It will also depreciate less quickly than a new car — just driving a car off the lost makes its value fall by about 30%!

You might also get better insurance rates and vehicle registration might be less expensive, depending on your situation. Maryland tag and title will provide immediate full vehicle registration. Getting a certified pre-owned vehicle is another good guarantee that you’re getting a good car. Typically these cars are low on mileage, maintained well, and kept up to date.

Remember to always run a vehicle history report before buying, to make sure that there are no issues with the vehicles and that the mileage recorded is actually correct.

What to Keep In Mind When Visiting an Auto Dealer?

Check out the invoice price (versus the MSRP price), since that’s about what you want to target for how much you actually pay for the vehicle. Knowing this information will inform the dealer that you know what you’re talking about right up front. Research the dealers you’re going to and make sure that you have your credit history up front and accessible and if it makes sense, get your own financing before you go to visit. Unless the auto dealer is offering a really good deal, it can often be less expensive to get a car loan elsewhere.

Always test drive the vehicle and inspect it carefully. It’s also okay to come in for a preliminary look, but not purchase anything on your first visit. You can get the lay of the land, see what you like, and come back another time after you’ve weighed your options.

Whether you opt for a Jeep or a minivan, you want to invest in your vehicle. It will get you where you need to go and you’ll use it on a daily basis. Make sure you’re getting the right car for your needs.

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