What Types of Hose Clamps Do You Use Most Often?

Band clamps

Turns out, the problem was one of the large hose clamps that failed.
You came home to a basement floor that was covered in an inch of water. When you were gone the large hose clamps that were holding the tubing to the water heater had broke. In all likelihood just one of the large hose clamps broke first, and the added pressure on the second one caused it to break as well. The result was wet, messy, and required some industrial water damage clean up.
Adjustable Hose Clamps Are Used for a Variety of Purposes
By definition, a hose clamp or clip is a device used to attach and seal industrial hoses onto any kind of fitting like a barb or nipple. Heavy duty hose clamps, stainless steel clamps, and aircraft type hose clamps are, in fact, the tool that mechanics of all levels use as their go to device. Consider some of these uses:

  • Screw hose clamps are often used for temporarily and quickly fixing damaged pipes in emergency situations.
  • Hose clamps can be used as heavy duty zip ties, or as replacements for duct tape.
  • Automotive hoses and household plumbing systems can often be secured with hose clamps.
  • Applying pressure on all sides, hose clamps enable connections without any gaps.
  • Not meant for high pressure situations, hose clamps are typically limited to moderate pressures, like those found in both automotive and home applications.
  • Hoses that get stuck should never be removed by cutting or slitting. These actions can leave a scratch on the barb which will cause a leak.

From washer and dryer hook ups in a home to larger plumbing needs in manufacturing plants, hose clamps often serve a variety of purposes. Although the hose clamp was first invented in 1921 by a former Royal Navy Commander named Lumley Robinson, it remains a tool that is used throughout a number of industries in the year 2017. Few work shops, in fact, would ever exist that did not have a supply of hose clamps available in a variety of sizes and types. From plastic to stainless steel, hose clamps are very much a part of today’s world.

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