What You Need to Know Before Buying a Hybrid

Hybrid batteries

Buying a hybrid car like the Honda Accord is increasingly attractive. In fact there were between 2.1 and 4.5 million hybrid vehicles on the roads in the U.S in 2012, according to Statistic Brain, and more than 200,000 Honda Civics were sold in the same year. A hybrid car is on average more fuel efficient than a traditional gas powered vehicle — often by as much as 20% to 35%. In addition, there are of course tax incentives for those buying hybrids, and these can save buyers as much as $3,400 in tax. Most importantly for those looking to move to hybrid, is the positive impact on the environment, with such cars cutting harmful emissions by between 25% and 25%. But while these benefits are significant and useful, hybrid vehicle costs can add up.

Unlike traditional vehicles, while hybrid cars do run off a gasoline power source, they also employ an electric one that reduces gasoline use. Moving from one power source to another is seamless, meaning that you enjoy a wonderful smooth driving experience while also cutting fuel costs and positively impacting the environment. You also cut down on costs over the lifespan of the vehicle’s ownership because, while the initial outlay may be higher than a traditional car, if you keep it for a long time you can recoup that investment.

That is not to say that there are not any costs. Those contemplating the Honda Accord hybrid battery life, for example, may realize that such battery packs do not usually outlast the car itself, meaning that most if not all hybrid owners will have to repair or replace it at some time. For most vehicles the average time to repair or replacement is six to ten years after original purchase. The Honda Accord hybrid battery life then can be as low as six years. Most warranties are eight years or 100,000 miles. The cost of replacing a hybrid battery can run between $3,000 and $4,000. Hybrid batteries use regenerative charging, so that when you brake in a hybrid car, some of the energy produced charges the battery.

When buying a hybrid vehicle, then, it is important to consider the potentially hidden costs of battery replacement or repair. You should also get auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance providers to determine the best deal for car. Overall, though, hybrid cars still representative a cost-effective long-term vehicle investment that also cuts harmful emissions.

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