When Should You Get An Alignment Check? Five Practical Tips To Prepare Your Car For The Winter

Winter will be here any minute. Not only do you need to install your winter tires, you need to make sure your car is in good shape for the snowy season. What does this entail?

Depending on when you’ve had your last oil change, you might be in need of a tire rotation service. It’s also more than likely you could use a spare tire for that next vacation. No matter what you need, cheap tires are in ready supply. Since autumn is still in full swing, tire stores are eager to get in some of the more proactive customers. You could even net yourself a sweet little discount if you install your winter tires ahead of time!

Let’s make sure you’re in good shape to approach the holidays. Here are five things you need to do at your local tire store this month.

Double-Check Your Last Oil Change

It’s not always easy keeping up with vehicle maintenance. You have a thousand and one things on your plate, after all! A good way to know if you need a tire rotation is to check your last oil change — experts today say it’s a solid metric, else you’ll have to judge between 3,000 to 6,000 miles. Vehicle negligence remains one of the most serious car-related issues in the United States today, costing the country billions in damages. Save yourself the trouble by visiting your tire store this month for a review.

Look Into A Tire Alignment Check

What else should you get alongside a tire rotation? Consider a wheel alignment check to make sure your car’s on the up and up. Having your tires aligned and balanced every 5,000 (or 6,000) miles will maximize their lifespan — this works by putting an equal amount of stress on each tire. Asking your tire store for a spare tire will go even further and make sure you’re never caught by surprise. Used wheels are nearly as good as their newer counterparts…and have a lower price, to boot! You may look for Red Deer wheel alignment services and let their experts help you.

Review The Best Tires For Your Lifestyle

Just because your friends love mud-terrain tires doesn’t necessarily mean they’re right for your vehicle. You need to find the type that best suits your lifestyle. The four types of off-road tires include mud-terrain, winter, sand, and all-terrain. Tires that measure 33 inches or larger are great for rock crawling or trail riding — they have extra clearance that makes difficult ground a breeze. If you stick to the city, however, they can just add extra stress on your car. Ask your tire shop which one is best for you.

Check Your Insurance For Possible Discounts

Here’s a pleasant surprise: a possible discount for getting in your winter tires! Car insurance companies are always looking for ways to make your life a little more convenient. Getting your winter tires fitted is one way you can kill two birds with one stone. Off-road tires and wheels, no matter the type, can be adjusted to be more receptive to the slush, ice, and snow. Tire repair can also be done for a set that needs a little spitshine for the workweek (such as removing nails).

Make Sure This Winter Is As Safe As Can Be

It never hurts to be too careful. A 2017 study of tire-related crashes saw over 735 total motor vehicle traffic fatalities. When it wasn’t flat tires causing crashes, it was incompatible tires with the icy road. When asking for a tire rotation check, make sure to get your types straight — the two basic types of imbalances that need correction are the static and the dynamic. These don’t take more than a few hours to do and will ensure you’re not wasting time. Even better, your car will handle like a dream.

Winter’s on the way! Reach out to your tire store and buy cheap tires that last a long time.

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